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Friday, April 25, 2008

My first attempt with fake lashes

This is dedicated to Ah Win and Yuh Jen, the two girls who bought fake lashes with me.

First attempt, failed lor. It stays but not very nicely done as I failed to put it at its nearest to my own lashes. They say we must always practise in order to be able to put lashes nicely. So, I think I need more lashes glue. =x

Our fake lashes. Maybe should follow XiaXue's advice, put dark eye shadow.

Xiaxue once had this tutorial on how to put on fake lashes and yes, you have to do all those steps lor.

At first I was so afraid I will like peel off my own lashes cuz the fake one sticks on it right? For the one we bought, it's pretty easy to peel off so my own lashes yang tak seberapa are ok. And our glue that comes with the lashes are the white one lor. Should buy new one.

We bought from SaSa and we asked the lady for the most natural one. She intro-ed this and we bought cause I don't know why.

I think fake lashes are only suitable for night events like Prom Night or something. Not very used to it and mission failed. Will try again some other day.

Ah Win and Ah Jen, faster go try. Aiseh, when wanna come my house and do together?


Anonymous said...

aihz..i tried once..put weird.....not very natural lor..that girl said natural 1..she put d so nice ..i put d..weird weird..sigh~ entah la~ >_<

Mrs Chong said...

lol...i also same..haha..ok la..not that bad la..but then..maybe hv to practise some more...cuz we stick not pro enough..hehehe..

Joze Foo said...

yaya...i oso learn from Xiaxue... I stick got no change to use in public yet... Only use for photo shoot only! You had to put dark eyeshadows only not so obvious.. I like the face shop fake lash

Mrs Chong said...

face shop one???ok ok..i go c..haha...if wear at night shud be ok la..if wear morning then next time no wear time like very botak like that... =P

dark eyeshadow put liao like make up too heong...still, muz got special occasion ni put better.. =P

Joze Foo said...

If you dun wan to put dark eye shadow...... jus draw your eyelid with a dark eye liner will oso do the work......i only use eye liner...seldom use eye shadows..

Swee Win said...

lol. i tried d .. but that time was in a hurry so tidak mungkin aku berjaya.. it just wont stick !!
u took how long until u berjaya ?
i go ur house u do for me laa.. bnyk susah laa.. looks like pondan-ish

Mrs Chong said...

joze: yea..they said that i just use dark eyeliner lor..

win: entah how long...u din wait for the glue to semi dry?u din check out on youtube those clips on how to put on fake lashes, mana know how to do leh?

Swee Win said...

lol.. tot very easy wan.. just stick can d ma.. aku rasa aku pro.. keke..

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