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Saturday, April 12, 2008

-.- Things mothers do

Sometimes don't know want to laugh or to "kek si" with mothers. It's teruk enough that she name my CJ7 Huat Zai or keep calling him "Chat Hai Zai" (pembodek), she does things you can't imagine she will ever do lor.

We rented a parking space at our apartment and because we move in recently, most people do not know that we have rented it. So occasionally you will see people parking at our reserved lots although they are not supposed to. I guess it was because the parking lot is being numbered but for years, no one parked. So they took it for granted la.

I told my mum to print out a paper stating our car number plates and the word "RESERVED" to stick on the wall. Below is what she did. -.-"

So tiny can? Font 16 -.-" That one for Folio lor.

The one I did with font 84. Like that la can see.

See the difference. O.o No wonder I told her I did not see her paper on the wall.

I told my mum that even if we parked the car, stop the engine and get down from the car, we also can't read what it says. -.-" Like that how to expect people not to park at your place? Things your mum do when you tell her, "Wait I do." She just can't wait and take things into her own hands. Don't know I should laugh or what. But I laughed la, she looked so innocent with the, "WHAT?" face. So blur.


Kritz said...

well, they tend to act weird sometimes,
but always remember to appreciate what GOOD things they do for us.


Mrs Chong said...

yea..hahaha..but kenot tahan her la..till now she still shows me the "What?" face. damn lawak

Doralin Lee said...

Hahahahaha! Very very damn lawak la!!! Maybe Big aunt put the notice for Mickey or Minnie mouse to see kot... bad la u...

Mrs Chong said...

lol..i told her only ants can find those big. -.-"
Some more damn proud of her reserve sign.

Swee Win said...

lol.. so cute la ur mum

Mrs Chong said...

the same lady who gave u a morning kiss. =P

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