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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Malaysian Dream Girl Episode 16

Cindy did all those activities in the challenge in her class before already la. She did the animal one, she did the mini acting and what? She didn't win? Shouldn't lo hor? -.-" The truth is, she did not win la. And she has done it before. Double sia sui. Adeline won because the professional thinks she should. You did not win cause you are not as good as Adeline. As simple as that.

You go around telling people you are not the problem in the house when you can say such thing about another person on camera. Ya, you speak what you think and that's you, very straightfoward, my ass. You are just jealous cause you did not win even with you super ang mo accent and her Ah Lian English won. Damn beh tahan Cindy lor. Before this she toned down, then she has to open her big big mouth and say things like that.

And since she did not want to be a runway model then ok la, don't let her win la. She want fame nia la. And no, only your dad as siao as you who wants fame like you. Walao, everytime I think of Cindy, I will feel like voting for Hanis lor.

SMS to vote, send DREAM 06 to 33001

My favourite. =) Adeline can be a host or an actress la. Cindy can continue be a princess in her house. I really hope she don't be a celebrity lor. Cannot imagine letting her representing Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

i feel....cindy will win lor...=S
adeline macam...tak suka her...look..doesn't look like model
hanis is sweet..hehe..with her braces..but...model with braces? hmmm..

Mrs Chong said...

braces will come off..the Andrew mia agency mia guy like her. So even if she dun win, she'll get a contract la..about Cindy, win also she wont be famous lor.. it's the car only lor..hehe..

Chef Julia said...

Aiyoh...Ping why you so kek ki watching this Malaysian dreamgirl? Actually not only you lo...but a lot of ppl very kek ki watching this lo... At first i was kek ki oso la...but after John Ong told me all this drama might be the producer's idea..I agree with him... If it is really the producer's idea... Cindy will definetly volunteer to be the main cast la...since she wan the so exposure badly...

Mrs Chong said...

no la..just dun like the dad..hahaha...kenot la..if i din vote and she win i will regret lor.. T.T

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