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Monday, April 21, 2008

I am no longer earning a bowl of hokkien mee!!

I used to think my nuffnang account can never exceed RM5 for I was stucked with RM2.30 for many many many months. My sis and I keep talking about our one bowl of hokkien mee. Then I got upgraded and became a bowl of hokkien mee with extra prawns or something. Now, I can get 10 bowls of wantan mee, at certain places la since the price has gone up.

I think innit play a big part as more nuffnang-ers know my existence. It was pretty a mood spoiler at first when you don't earn much but hey, RM0.25 for just blogging whatever you like leh. I don't mind lor. Just hang in there and you'll eventually get more. Besides, I think apart from the money, it's the feeling of someone does read your blog that makes me feel good. I mean I was like talking to myself all the time when I first blogged. In fact, it felt like whatever I write doesn't matter. But now, I got a bit semangat to go and find things to blog and be happy blogging about it. I'll check my unique visits (a super good function by nuffnang), how people get to my blog, which keywords and stuff daily and man it feels good to know that people reads.

Besides, now that it gets to RM20, muahahaha, I lagi-lah don't mind. It feels good. Hopefully soon it'll bring my blogging to another level la. Then maybe, just maybe, even if I don't get to study journalism in USM, I can still be a journalist. For now, I am a blogger. =P

And to add icing to the cake, I won RM100 for writing a post about MDG in my another blog lo. Syok-ness. Nuffnang is more than what I thought it was. I was rather de-motivated yesterday about blogging as my .com PR dropped to 0 but hey, RM100 is USD30 already, it's okay. Ha-ha.

Man, I love blogging.

ps: If you have not joined, go to and sign up. And be patient. =)


Ginny Han said...

wah. not bad wor. how many ppl must visit ur blog daily to start earning money ah? lol. newbie here xD

Mrs Chong said...

I am not very sure but I think should be alright as long as it surpass 20 people. They will assign global ad to everyone but you'll get less.

You can earn, just the matter of more or less only

Anonymous said...

Wow, so admire le...mine like snail, not reach 0.50 yet oh, paiseh & sad.

Mrs Chong said...

amei79. I was like that for let's see, almost 3 months. Then it slowly goes up and i managed to get RM20 after 1 year. So, I guess, needs time kua. =P

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