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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Be-earlied birthday celebration 05042008

Yesterday I went out with Diana, Yi Lin, Yuh Jen and met up for dinner with Swee Win and Kevin. It was supposed to be just another outing with Emmoes but Hooi Shan, June, Su Ling, Sharifah, Ling Ling and Ju-yen couldn't make it. I saw Angeline though, on the screen. =P Ah Long Pte Ltd. A recommended show to watch. =)

We went Gurney for dinner because Swee Win was working and she can only take an hour off for dinner. I reached early and watched Superstars for a while. I hate Hao la. I mean even if Adrian has attitude problem, I hate Hao. I guess Adrian's innocent face and his smile just melts everything else. See, how good to be pretty or handsome?

Eddie. He is cute, but damn cocky.

Liz. Don't think she'll win.

Adrian!! Cute smile. I like

Adorable right? I don't know la, but he can really pull off the innocent face. Makes me think he is so kesian.

Yi Lin and I then went for Ah Long Pte Ltd that got us laughing like mad because Mark Lee was so funny and Angeline was so nervous. =P Way to go my friend. After movies we hang around and went for dinner at 6 I think.

We had dinner at this BBQ Chicken restaurant beside Dome I think.

Us, sorry Win, forgot to take a pic when you are around. =P

Us at FoodLoaf

We went FoodLoaf after that for dessert. Then Diana's Kevin, June and Shin came over to say hie and bye. Kevin bought me baked cheese cake from Secret Recipe which was seriously much much much better compared to the one I had previously. After everyone blah-ed, Yi Lin, Jen and I went for another movie at 9p.m. We watched Nim's Island. Though there are parts which are pretty ridiculous and most unlikely to happen, it was good cause the place was beautiful and I have soft spots for a self-built house in an abandoned island or jungle. So. =) Had a great time yesterday.

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