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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sufiah Yusof, the maths genius

Ever heard of Sufiah Yusof? Neh, that maths genius who got into Oxford at the age of 13. I've always believe that kids should not grow up that fast. There are few cases where these kids grow up too fast, they die at young age. I heard of these geniuses who die early all the time but I've never heard of one who finally decided to be total opposite of what she was, and turned into an escort.

According to her, she is an escort but everyone else says she is a prostitute. To be honest, I think it's better to be a prostitute/escort in London than in Malaysia lor. Malaysians face all so rusty one. Besides, read this phrase by her.

“I hate this stereotype society has of escorts as being exploited. It is so far
from the truth. My clients treat me like a princess. One guy took me shopping on
Bond Street. He bought me a beautiful black Gucci dress for £300 (RM1,920) and
then took me to Selfridges, where I could pick a handbag I liked.”
Sufiah chose a £600 (RM3,840) Gucci clutch and later that night, she repaid him for his generosity. (The Star)

Walao. This one is not like escort leh. This one is like having a super duper duper rich boyfriend or in her case, boyfriends.

“I have studied so intensely for so many years, I wanted to have some fun,”
said Sufiah, whose Pakistani father Farooq Yusof forced her to study day and
night. (TheStar)

Nah, force your kids to study some more la. =P

I heard she is 32D 5ft 5in. Walao. 32D leh. O.O Her pictures? Sufiah Yusof's pictures? Click here. Tidak sesuai untuk tontonan umum. 18SX.

I think the dad got a bit mental problem one lor. This is an excerpt from BBC News.

Her elder brother Isaac was at one point the number four tennis player in
the UK for his age, while her sisters Aisha, 17, and Iskander, 14, are in
their second year at the University of Warwick.
Her youngest sister Zuleila, aged six, is preparing to sit her A-level maths exams.

O.o I am 20 and I don't even know if I'll ever get an offer to local uni. Siao is it, 6 years old take A-Level Maths. I 6 years old time still go kindy, still mix my own money with the fun fair money okay? At the age of 7 until 12, the only sport games I joined on Sports Day was the Novelti which was a compulsory for all students who were not involved in any other games.

I guess this is the price to pay.

More pictures here. Walao, blogging about her like watching porno lor. Cause all her pictures not so decent. =P But I think she is a good example for parents out there so that they do not push their kids too hard.

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