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Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures that me loves

I've posted these pictures many many times but today, imma post it again cause it's just different. I've edited every single one of them and let's see how rajin I am to tag all my pictures with my blog address. =P

Had wonderful dinner at Penang Swimming Club.

And now, my desktop looks like this. It motivates me when I get to see people I love all the time. Can you find your pictures? If not, maybe you should start taking pictures with me!!!!! OMG I am so full of myself.
ps: If you want that poladroid program, go here , download the program. Install and all already, can start dragging your pictures to the camera and wait for it to "dry". =)) you'll see the ribbon sign when it's completely "dry". I lazy do review. Go read

Christian time. (If you do not wish to read, can tutup the page d. Thank you.)
I was sitting alone in my room and I remembered what one of my friend told me while sending me back to my uni after some settling some stuff. He said, "Sometimes it's the people around us that bring us down. Somehow, they'll say things that will crush your confidence and beliefs. They'll tell you that you cannot do it and we unconciously let them brainwash us and bring us down although we know that in our hearts, the one who really matters it's Him and what He thinks. If we believe what we are doing is for the glory of God, then ignore what they say."
I was speechless when he said that cause I am not those who are like very pure and has lots of feel towards things like this but yesterday, it just struck me there and then.

And today was another full day of acknowledgement from Him. I've heard Him loud and clear through everyone around me today. I mean if one person is to say that, it might be coincidence. Today, I've heard more than 10 people saying that exact same thing to me. Thank you Lord, my God. I know that what I am doing now is right and it's to glorify you. I'll learn better and I'll grow stronger in you.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's not that I don't want to update

but it's so hard and boring to update without pictures. I don't have new pictures but I can make something out of the old one. Too bad the internet connection is being grumpy and moody again. That explains why I was making a scene and jumping up and down (in my heart la, if I jump up and down in my hostel I'll be staying in the first floor now together with the rest in my block cause the building collasped. -.-) when I managed to upload pictures last time.

Apparently that very time I thought our connection is better already after the undi and all, was the only time my connection was good enough for me to upload pictures. I guess I was too hopeful.

So there goes, no more pictures. Just me and my ramblings on emo-self and complains about assignments. The good ol' times.

Oh and the kedekut me is finally out of my kedekut costume to take a breather. I went for McD with Wei Wei for lunch. I would always resort to eating rice with vege cause it's RM1.80 while McD is RM5 and above. And then again, I let my kedekut costume hang halfway la. Means I let my head out only as the only reason I go for McD is that from 12p.m. to 3p.m., you can get the double cheese burger set which usually cost like RM9.90 (plus tax become RM10.20) at RM6.25 only with tax. Happy girl I am.

On Tuesday, I had a RM1 lunch cause no more lauk-pauk to choose from. So I chose a super hard fried fish. Must be leftovers from yesterday. =( And I skipped class and teacher is gonna deduct our marks cause a lot of people skipped on Tuesday also. Haih, nerds like me damn pitiful. First time skip, kena d. Jackpot also not so easy kena.

ps: The last paragraph is for my family to kesian me and not scold me when I am back tomorrow. =( I was too worn out and tired so I decided that skipping once should be okay right? WRONG!!! I am deeply saddened by this now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's not even because of the workload

I mean I am eager to do my work and I am not like stressing over it or what.

Then why do I feel tired, withdrawn and just plain weak?

Is my body trying to tell me something? Is my body resisting the pressure I put on self? *if there's any.*

I don't know. Perhaps it's just PMS and I should stop thinking too much lest it gets worst. ]

Afternoon nap was a wrong choice. I felt even worst. I am not getting much work done though.

I don't feel as tired once I step into my room. But I'm still trying to attend every class. Pushing myself and dragging my feets to classes. I can concentrate though. *Thank God*

HPW tomorrow. OH NO!!! That means I have to use my brain even more. It's okay. We'll see how things go. Don't get our intestines all twist up yet.

Praying hard to recover by next week. *cries*

Sorry for multiple emo post. =( The blogger is in the emo-zone.


UPDATED!!! 26th Feb
I am healed! Well, mentally la. At least I am happy today. =)) I think He heard me loud and clear after my endless pleading and praying and pleaseeeeeeee yesterday. =)) Thank YOU!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I feel lethargic

I feel weak, I feel worn out, I feel tired, I feel lethargic.

I think it's the PMS la. And mine has postponed for a week now. =( It's so torturing to be walking under the sun, to classes with the feeling of collasping all the time.

I've chosen to skip meetings and all cause I just can't drag myself there.

I'm okay if I feel sleepy but I am feeling weak, with wobbly legs and hands, pounding head and nauseous. I am confirm it's PMS. Or is it not? Aiya, anyhow, it is killing every cells I have in me la.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Umbrella Day

I cannot do the 365 Project cause my larling, the USMhotspot who is very cranky and has PMS more than I do, do not agree with it. Unless I do 52 project lor. (Weekly lol) Anyways, I was browsing through my folder of insanely large amount of photos and decided to blog about?

Ze umblella. When we went to KL last holiday, we bought an umbrella each because it was always raining in KL. But after we bought it, the rain kinda stopped. -.-" We were to buy a small folded one but because there's not much color, we opt for the long umbrella. It was both a good and a bad choice. Good because we felt pretty with the milky colors and bad because IT WAS SO DIFFICULT AND AUNTY-ISH TO CARRY IT AROUND.

And since we took SoOoOo many pictures with our umblela. We got serious face mia pose also okay? But I don't know can see or not. Like very tiny.

Under my umbue la, ella, eh, eh eh eh.

Random shots of me kena bully and us camwhoring when Win is busy shopping. =P

The Lima Penyiasat or something. LOL!!!!

Us and alchohol. Haih, we are alcoholic la. XD I can't even take a sip.

ps: For bigger picture, you will have to go see them in my facebook. Sorry ar. But nevermind la. I am sure everyone yang datang ke belog I, did not come for the pictures. XD

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now I can print my crazy pics online!

I think my friends know that most of my friends and I are really camwhores la. I mean we can take 261 pictures in a day. Good thing is, I am also shocked with that number. =P That means we not yet reached nirvana.

As usual, I was browsing the blogs in my list and I saw Ah Leng updated. So I pun go and read. I don't know why I clicked on this post cause usually if I will see the title first. Anyway, after reading, I got interested so I continued reading another post of his where he reviewed this website.

Apparently when you do a review on this website, you can print 50 4R photos and 2 8R photos for free. I checked the website and it's stated there too. So I thought, why not? I've got a million pictures that I want to develop but I always procrastinate. From rat till cow, and I'm still procrastinating.

This eoe Online is a website that provides several services like online photo printing (so you don't have to go find photo shop and you can photoshop your pictures before printing), platform to compare and browse new products on cameras and such, contest page where you can participate and win even more goodies.

The current promotion is that you can get your pictures printed at 30 cents/pics for 4R photo and 50cents for 5R. I think the price is pretty cheap. And if your purchase is more than RM35, you get free delivery too. It's really cost saving cause you get to save time, save parking fees and still get to do it whenever you are free. Now you don't have to rush to get ur pictures printed since with internet, business is 24/7. That means you can spend the whole day photoshopping your double chins, pimples and wrinkles out and send them over at any time!!

You just have to sign up, upload your pictures into the website and choose whichever that you want to develop.

If you LOVE free gifts like I do (it's pretty obvious to my coursemates) and you want to print 50 4R photos and 2 8R photos for free, join Bloggers Review Program - Ultimate . Just make sure your blog is 6 months old with 30 posts.

ps: I think I'll see many of these reviews up after this since I got camwhore friends. You know who you are. =P

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waving weakly below the pile of assignments

As soon I start to see some light above me as I'm under a pile of assignments, that very small hole is once again being closed by another pile of assignments. I JUST NEED TO BREATHE MAN!!!

I thought I would have enough time to reach out and get some fresh air. But they are not letting me. According to my list of assignments, I've got enough assignments to keep me all stressed out and packed till end of this sem which is late April. All a poor girl like me needs is a break! All the assignments are supposed to be handed in either on the same week or one week after another.

I should keep my productive level high and do as much as I could before I have to face the thing that every uni students dread but have to face- the do-assignment-till-morning. It really doesn't help that ALL my assignments are contributing quite a lot of marks to my final results. Ok, not quite a lot, it's A LOT. I cannot afford to lose that 30% if I want to keep my CGPA high. My sem 1 is just cukup makan. I must not give up or I'll be so frustrated with myself. Ok, off to settle more assignments.

There'll be less updates cause I need to clear my mind a bit. =))

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is it still the same?

As I looked out of the window,
On this beautiful sunny afternoon,
No rain, no sun and no rainbow,
Just me, alone.

Once again I thought bout the past,
And of the memories, in me they last,
Those dreams we created and crushed,
But they no longer make me frust.

I now believe that time heals all pain,
For I'm still very much sane,
I stopped turn back to stare,
Cause I have a better future to prepare.

I am happy for the choice,
I made 3 years back,
I believe it's the best and I rejoice,
For wisdom and courage I usually lack.

I saw people peeping into my window,
To see how's my life, am I drowned with sorrow,
Or is the cupid there with her arrow,
All I can say is, don't kay-po.

Life has been good if not great,
I am happy, I am glad,
Bad times left,
Good times stayed.

I guess I am finally happy. To be who I am, to prepare plans and pathways to a brighter future, to be proud of myself for once. To be drawn closer to Him and be in His plans and carry out His plans.

All I can say now is, MA~~ Wa tua han liao!!!

I thought I will sleep my valentines away

since I was baking the whole night last night. We were busy preparing the valentines stuff for our PKA's fundraising. As there's lots to do with the baking, we did not feel sleepy. I guess we were too occupied. It was when I stopped all the work that I felt blur. I thought it's still midnight but the sky were so bright already.

I got back my room at 8am and slept like a log till 1.30p.m. while our other comrades are still out and running about delivering the gifts. Sorry comrades. The blurryness got the best of me. Thinking of it, if there was any fire, I would have died woiiii. Choi!!!

So I won't be sleeping my valentines away!!! YAY!!! Sounds like I got a life afterall. NOT! I was mopping my VERY dirty room because no one wants to do it and washing LOTS of clothes cause I've been busy and running about since Wednesday. So I got 3 days worth of clothes to wash.

My valentine.

Can't show you cause USM's connection cannot upload pics again. Sien.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I iz a bit worn out

But this is just the beginning babeh. I will be even more worn out next week cause I've got 3 Spanish class, one assignment that I know nuts of and lots of classes to attend next week. Let's pray.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Such a salah tag for me to do during the Valentines period

Cheng Ling tagged me with the same tag again. Sayang, I know I tarak bf. No need to rub salt into my wound sayangs. So kira I dah siap dua ya? I got one more which I'll do soon...soon...

Note: The title is because I tarak boyfriend and Valentines is around the corner. It's bad enough that I won't get roses instead have to send to people's girlfriend (some fundraising stuff) and now I am reminded that I don't have a boyfriend. Shan, you owe me one. =P

1. Does it matter if your boyfriend or girlfriend smoke?
I always say that I won't accept smoking, drinking and gambling but I think at the end of the day, it's good enough if he don't smoke excessively (best if he doesn't) and that he can try to control it when he is around me. But then again he might smoke in front of me after some time being together. I don't know la. I think I can tolerate to certain extend.

2. How about drinking?
It's ok if it's just moderately. If he drinks too much and hit me like on the television how? I'll run.
3. Do you liked someone you can’t have?
I probably did la. But I think it's just the gosh-he's-so-cute kinda like. Not the sleep also think of him kinda like.

4. If someone liked you right now,would you want them to tell you?
Well, I doubt there's anyone liking me but I don't know eh. I am happy now so maybe if he cannot be very sure of his feelings then no.

5. Whats your favourite sport?
Sleeping? I do enjoy a sport okay? Like brisk walking. T.T ok la, I don't have a favourite sport. I don't do them often enough to like them.

6. Its saturday night,you’re home alone..what do you do?
Television, television and more television I guess. I know, no life. -.-

7. Do you like roller coasters?
Never. I am a chicken at heart la.

8. When’s the perfect time to have a bf/gf?
When you have one, you'll think it's perfect time already. Then when you broke up, you tell yourself, perhaps it wasn't the right time. So how do we define perfect time. Really.

9. If you could date any celebrity,who would it be?
Er.. None I guess. I just do not want to disclose them here cause Wei Wei will call me Ah Beng lover. =.="

10. What are you doing this weekend?
Boohoo. Send flowers and brownies and cupcakes to people's lover, hopefully can go back to attend church, do my assignment, LIKE FINALLY.

11. Whats is your favourite restaurant?
I don't have one actually. I am not a choosy eater. And based on this answer and answer number 5, you know why I look like how I look like now. (not thin la)

12. Have you ever hugged someone?
Of course. It will give you a spiritual, mental and physical lift right away you know? Like you need some motivation or just a hug to cheer you up. So go hugging people.

13. Ever kissed someone you weren’t attracted to?
To be precise, never kissed someone (on the lips). Kissed sisters and mother all the time though.

14. Do you like anyone right now?
I am glad I am not.

15. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
His English. If he ever speaks. Not that mine is good la. But ya.

16. Which do you prefer,beach or mountains?

17. What kind of phone do you have?
Nokia N73. Why? Want steal ar? Cranky one. Serious. 24/7 PMS one my phone.

18. Computer or laptop?
Used to be computer, but now laptop.

19. Jeans or sweats?

20. Which year has been the best so far?
Every day is the best with God's presence.

21. How old young are you gonna be on your next birthday?

22. What should you be doing right now?
Bathing and doing my assignments.

23. What is your favourite tv show?
Mostly reality shows leh.

24. What’s been your last purchase?
My friend's porridge, RM2.50. Kesian her, gastric.

25. Are you attracted to girls/boys that smoke?
I actually anti them. Buat my nose sakit only.

26. Have you ever fallen on your butt in front of a crowd of people?
Nope. But I've always fall flat on my face. I think fall flat on my face is more malu.

27. What do you do when you’re at home?
Online, watch television, kacau my sisters.

28. What is your favourite subject?
Used to be language. Now, a bit scared of it already. Too much, overdosed.

29. What’s the best things happened on you?
My family, friends and God. And the christian community I have here in USM.

30. 10 person to tag :-
I am not going to tag anyone cause I don't want others to sad like me but I don't mind Wei Wei doing it. I so mean. =P

Monday, February 09, 2009

I iz can comprains

I am very scared now. =((

- HPW 18th February, no. of pages 12- Done nothing cause I know nothing. T.T
- LSP 458 10th March, no. of pages 8-10 - Done 5 pages. I don't know how to write till 8 pages.
- HET 123 9th March, no. of pages 17 - Done nothing cause I know nothing again.

MADNESS OKAY? I really don't know how to finish it all!! I am shaking already. Got so many exam some more next week. Spanish oh Spanish. I read nothing. T.T I regret enjoying my weekends. Plus, I did not get good night sleep for the weekends. Keep having dreams after dreams (because I woke up to go toilet and got another dream).

So I am mentally, physically but thank God not yet spiritually drained now. Please grant me your blessings to roll on the bed and whine a while before continuing to study my HBT 105 for test tomorrow. Thankyouverymuch.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

If playing games show our true colours,

mine is the colour of a chicken. T.T Really. Serious.

I was playing something like netball with my CF friends and while everyone was chasing the ball, I wished I can run the other way and hide. And I scream more than I chase the ball. Everytime I am running towards the ball, I'll go "ahhhh ahhhh ahhh" like wei wei when simyinyin molest her. T_T.

And I can really understand why people won't want to pass me the ball even though I was standing RIGHT in front of them. They rather pass to someone further and then missed. At least it's better than passing to me. I am not feeling bitter about it cause it'll contradict with what I said earlier. I would run AWAY from the ball and not towards.

We won the first round (which I was in) before I had to go back because we got super keng players. Of course except for me la. I was just there to make up the number for the girls. As usual. Kakakaa. Back in high school also I like that la. I would be seen running another way instead of towards the ball or I'd be seen staring blankly at the field before realising that they've started the game.

So, my true colour is that I am not kiasu and I am damn chicken. YAY!!!

But I see your true colours

Shining through

I see your true colours

That's why I love you

So don't be afraid to let them show

Your true colours

True colours are beautiful,

Like a rainbow

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I cannot sidai baju.
I cannot walk out sesuka hati (cause they are working RIGHT outside my room).
I cannot get a peaceful nap.
I cannot be spared from noise pollution.
I cannot do my work in peace.
I cannot get less headaches.
I cannot get a breather.

WHAT THEY WANT FROM ME? They have been working on this awning (bumbung) thing for weeks or even MONTHS already. And they cannot finish it. You know why? Cause they come in for work at 10 (which I am quite glad cause I really don't like their presence), they sing and chit chat at 11.30a.m. T_T and they have 5 workers with 2 looking on. I don't know why.

It's so annoying to have them around. They drill, drill and drill even more holes the entire day and it's getting on my nerves!!! I get noise pollution in the morning and mosquito bites at night. What have I done wrong? I'm glad I am going home tomorrow. Hot weather + noise pollution + air pollution + mosquito bites can make people sick you know?

I won a guessing game thingie!!

=P I was browsing Nuffnang's innit and as usual I go into several innit posters' blog that I sometimes will drop by (cause some innit posters' title and the content is not the same. Like they put this title but the posting has nothing to do with the title. So I lazy.

Anyway, this girl posted a picture and asked us to guess where the picture was taken. I thought it looks familiar and she took it in Penang. How can I kia-su Penangites like me not comment and try my luck? I could possibly win okay?

And so I did. And I won!!! =P I almost forgot about the guessing game just like many others I joined. =P Some I never got the prize while some, like this one, she informed me. So kind. And she is quite pretty. If you wanna see nice pictures, go to her blog. She is Agnes. =)) She is going to mail me my lucky ang pow soon!!!!!! Mr. Postman, please be kind and don't steal. =P
ps: I would take the consolation prize if I were a guy. Consolation prize was a hug from her. But I am a normal girl so I'll just take the ang pow. =P

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Life is crazy but I am finally liking it

I had a very errr...inspiring night tonight. I don't know if this is the way I should put it but I know it is a way I want to put it. Anyway, I just got back from a CG friend's place and we had such a great time talking, chatting, eating, sharing and learning God's word.

I think I've always been the lost sheep in a Christian life. Probably because I didn't really open myself up to understand. Usually I'll just listen and then although I don't get like 80% of what they are saying, I let it past. Tonight's discussion on prayers and forgiving my debtors as how God forgave my debts was really and eye opener. I will not preach here but yes, I had a great time.

Life has been crazy over here with so many commitments, and running about and assignments, some I enjoy doing while some I don't even want to think about. Wei Wei and I was talking about how small our social circle is. If you don't know what is small, ours is consist of me and her. T_T Damn sad right? And the most we can have is like Yi Lin added into it. T.T Damn sad can die. But after we relate it to our coursemates today, I realized, WHERE GOT? Our social circles includes another two more friends and many others. Just that our classes are different from people so we can't eat together. *self-console*

Ok la. My social circle is NOT that bad la. Ok la, I'll go sleep and have a good dream just because an annoying mosquito is flying all over and trying to suck my blood. Byes.

This is just to test if I can upload photos with USM's connection. As you can see, the result of this experiment is that I can upload photos with USM's connection. So, it means that USM's connection is better than before already. Don't complain. =P

Monday, February 02, 2009

I can throw away my tummy already

Wei Wei is right (finally for once) that my tummy so mm chang hei (kinda like useless), should throw away. T_T I am feeling discomforts again and it's NOT EVEN NEAR PMS period. I used to have this discomforts when it's somewhere near PMS or when I eat coconut based stuff. Probably that kueh bangkit la. But I cannot taste the coconut also.

On another note, ECX!!!!!! Ok la, I saja want to put cause I got nothing to write and Wei Wei is pestering me to update. T_T How can she do that to me when she only updates like once in 6 months? wtf.

ECX's leader Chris. He should be earning quite good money lor with so many classes and competitions he won. I never thought dancing can be that useful or fun to watch la. Seems like the aunty in me was very hard at work. You know like telling all those people "Aiya, don't break here and there la. Later break your bone how?" And now I am watching them on television with my hands on my mouth. Amazed by them. I guess I've become younger? But ECX dance more popping and locking and those are real good ones. I like to watch.

And I think it's so cool that they have story lines each week and they are ever so funny. Some people just have their right brain fully utilized. I think inside my skull, my right brain's place is empty one cause I am NOT CREATIVE at all one.

Anyways!!!!!! I like this. Damn random I know but I have to go to PKA FNM in a while. So I don't want to type longer and guess what??? If you have not noticed, I CAN UPLOAD PICTURES!!!!!!! This is like miracle okay? Is it true that they have set up a stronger connection for us? IS IT? IS IT? Eh, I got vote during the election in USM okay? Means I contributed. KAKA Syok sendiri. I voted cause they said it's compulsory. T_T

Got to go. I got tonnes of homework not done.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Me iz going back

to a place where my social life does not exist. T.T It's like my biggest nightmare. The talkative me cannot stand being in the place where I don't talk much except with a few people T_T. The same few people and I guess that makes me dread to go back even more.

My dare-not-talk-to-stranger's attitude doesn't help either. Nevermind la. I'll just go back and pray every day that I'll get new friends. Boo. Every sem also same prayer. T_T

To my sayangs who are already back or who are going back to your uni-s (and that girl who is going to start her degree-the one that talks to soft toy dog in the car), we'll win this battle right? T_T The friendless battle. Ok la, friendless battle is only mine. T_T.

And some of my friends are back to do their internship already. Happy working la. Lol, adulthood. I happy studying, childhood. *vomits*
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