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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A review on

I have totally forgotten about this post I am suppose to put up about him. He is currently living in Melbourne with his wife and three daugthers (hey, just like my family!!). He is a Malaysian but currently staying in Melbourne.

He blogs about almost everything under the sun, his family, daily ramblings, of weather in Melbourne and stuff like that. It is interesting to read about other places instead of our own. Man, makes me want to go to Australia badly now. T.T

He has a garden of his own and he eats vegetables from his garden. I want a garden too!! But I can't even keep my fishes alive, let alone vegetables. -.-" His blog is really interesting as he shows us the culture and norm of the Australians on his blog. He shows us the shopping mall, the kids and their school, the interesting and beautiful places in Melbourne, and whatever he experiences there. I feel like I
travel all the way there to see and feel how it's like to be in his shoes. Not that I want a wife with three daughters. -.-"

Despite staying in Melbourne with his family, he did not lose his roots. He kept himself updated with the election results and no, I am not talking about who he supports. It's a personal choice afterall. To know what it's like to be in Melbourne, hop on. Enjoy your ride. =P

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