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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Another year has passed. Although at times I misses the past, I always looks forward for the future. I cannot change the past, but I can choose the road to my future. One year passes so fast. Suddenly, its going to be 2008 already. I can still vividly remember how my 2005 and 2006 was. How I met so many wonderful people and they change my life, bit by bit.

I know those friends I lost along the way might not find their way back to my life but I will cherish them and remember them. They were once my closest friend, someone I can totally rely on. Someone who makes me smile all the time. Those they drifted apart-everyone and everything does, but I am glad they came into my life and place their footprints.

Man....I wish I can still find them back. How sad huh? Anyway, New Year is always the time we make our walao-where-can-come-true? or damn lawak resolutions. Let's not let this custom die down.

My resolution for year 2008
1. Be serious bout my life for once. WORK!!!!
2. Still have fun though
3. Lose weight? Tomorrow go swimming. Kaka~~ (I really need to make this come true. =P)
4. Cherish everyone around me.
5. Love people more
6. Be less selfish

ps: Yes, I am posting here because I am too old for all those celebrations already. Sudah tua. No more energy to play with those people armed with fake snow. I couldn't stand the gas emitted from the fake snow. No choice, sit at home watch tv and online. Pathetic right? No, I am having fun. =P I am OLD!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone. Love u guys. =)

Ah Keo is very Ho

Very ho very ho. Ah Keo.... heee..every day curi his line...bagus... Ah Keo...kam xia...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ah Ma masuk celebrity blog!!!

Cuma she (Belinda) doesn't know my granny by name. Check back this post *here* and compare it with the post by Belinda, *here*. Betul-betul talking bout my grandma. I chase artiste so long also never get mentioned in any of the celebrity blog. Ah Ma so famous d. =P

Ah Ma is always right.

I learn this yesterday. Yes, I learnt it just yesterday. This is not the gaduh-gaduh and she won case. This is the funny one.

My grandma told us that we need to do 7 turnings before we can reach our place. Very easy, 7 turnings only. The problem is, we don't know the 7 turnings is to the right or the left. So we brought her along and she showed us that it is indeed 7 turnings.

Ah Ma: Nah, this is first turning lor. First turning to the left.
Me: *thinking* Just now we passed how many turnings d? First turning straight turn to the left meh?
Ah Ma: Nah, second. Then the next one is third lor right?
Me: Yup. *hmm...seems like betul hor?*
Ah Ma: Nah, third.
Me: Correct.
Ah Ma: Nah, this one is the third turning right?
Me: Not fourth liau ah?
Ah Ma: Then fourth.
Me: Er...
Ah Ma: Fifth, sixth.
Me: Oh ok.
Ah Ma: Nah, seventh lor. *pointing at the turning we need to make to reach our gate*

Next day,
Phone ringing....
Relatives: Eh, come down Fatty Loh to bring us up.
Sis: Why?
Relatives: We can't find the house.
Sis: Ok.
Me: Eh, Ah Ma with her mar. Not meh? Ah Ma's 7 turning plan tak jalan?

Guan lai (read: rupa-rupanya) Ah Ma's 7 turnings plan ada terms and conditions apply. =)
Ah Ma always correct. But you must know the road then only follow her 7 turnings. Else, you will end up like my relatives, SESAT!!!!

ps: Will be away for some time again because not every day I can curi the line. For example, whole morning I couldn't curi any line. I get to online only when I get to eldest sis's office.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Its fun-ner when you get to steal lines. =P

Am in new house. Stealing people's line is so much fun!!!! =)

They are fixing the air-conditioned. So bored. Flu is making me feeling so sick. New house today. Goodbye Wayton. =) Haih, the entau ba. Can't even see him before I leave. I think he really kena caught kut.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is our HOME

Home sweet home. After 19 years. 19 long years, we are finally moving to a new house. A bigger house, away from the people we are used to be with, away from the homely smell *rubber factory nearby*, away from the familiar lift and everything else that we are so used to. I guess everyone must move on, move on to a better life, move on to a more promising future. I hate to say this but I am not someone who can move on easily and at times, it sucks.

Still, I hope the house can tempt me real soon and soon, I will be moving on, letting go off the past and holding on to the memories,experience and knowledge. Okay, let's hop on to a happier mood and leave the sedih mood behind. =) Let's have a look at the house, the more complete one.

Today we got all our things ready already. The E-Goods, the furniture, the decorations and such all up and ready for us to move in tomorrow.

Sis's room. =) All pink pink.

Our room. Also pink pink. =P

Our earrings hanger.

The view before entering the house. =) Welcome!!

Our living room. =)

Grandma's room. No pink pink

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Misson tak jadi

Wanted to blog about NZ mana tau, my blogger very slow and I can't upload pictures. So, tak jadi lar. Anyway, went Gurney for Xmas and it was horrible. The smell I meant. The eye candies there are still eye candies. But I almost choked to death. If I appear in Gurney on New Year Eve, I can only say, the eye candies made me risk my life. =P I am glad I was not poisoned!! I grew out of Gurney. Too old already.

=) New house on Friday. Excitednyer....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh man.....

My sis and hottest girl in Dunedin, Hwee Yeng's favourite word. Anyway, I wanted to talk about this for very very long already. Just lazy. Now that I am so motivated, I decided to write about it.

There's one random feeling I had when I was on the plane. Man, we are like a bunch of "eau lo" (read: greedy) people on the plane. You know why?? The weather is not very good at times and it is very common to have bumpy rides. However, whenever there's the bumpy ride and earthquake like situation, they ALWAYS serve food. Never once failed. And there we were, eating even though the whole place was shaking a lot and probably going to spill our drinks. Left, right, front, back. Everyone was eating as though nothing happened. Imagine eating like nothing happened when there's earthquake. It doesn't help that you are 11000km above ground lor.

So 'eau lo'. A new experience. =)

Friday, December 21, 2007

I am back

but super extreme lazy. We (my second sis, mum and I) have been having jet lag and waking up at 6a.m and today, 5.30a.m to read yesterday's Star newspaper. Eldest sis is complaining already. Cause we yak yak yak until she can't sleep as well. Been packing to move to new house. Will move in on the 28th wor they say. I know I have a lot of things to blog about but I am just a tad extremely lazy. I am going to the new house again. =) Later. At the meantime, I think I should just post some pictures of my new room and to-be completed house.

As for the postings of my trip, I guess that will have to wait. I will have to jot down what I did before I can actually blog about it and I think that will take some time. Unless of course I just post those pictures and errr...we play some mind guessing game where I don't have to say anything. That will be easier. But no, I will blog about it. And 10 years or 20 years or 30 years from now, I will read back and laugh at my very very first, virgin trip outside of Malaysia by AIR and not any other means of transport. It will be so much fun. =) So yes, I am more pumped to post now. But still, I need to do some draft or I will rant non-stop with no aim and lots of craps.

Oh. And our house. =) Heee.. And oh ya, I managed to go to see Boy.frenz yesterday at Gurney. A little happy but I am not that into them. No doubt though, Desmond and Lance very cute. Especially Lance. Jackson needs more personality though. Anyway, I think the Redbox manager can be one of their members. Cause he is so damn handsome!!!! I will have to blog that in another post because I want to link them under my hobbies. =)

Picture time.......

The night view. i suka. =)

Our curtain. I think its like one of the most perfect things in the house. I really love it. I love many things in the house and that is very good. =)

Our room. Pao and I. Best fengshui. =P Ok, I don't know feng shui. But I would love to think that our room has the best feng shui can?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'll be back!!!

Leaving Dunedin tomorrow at 7.20a.m local time. Meaning at 2.20a.m in Malaysia. Then will leave NZ for good at 12p.m. 12 days of travelling and being in cool weather (at times up to 10 degrees). Their hottest weather is like 28 degrees. O.o So syok can?? Help sister to pack bags yesterday, clear the house and be Santa's helper lar. In hokkien, usually we say KAYPO lar...Hee. Help sis's friend to move houses, clear sis's stuff and pack our bags.

Sad to say, I cannot bring back cherries though they taste so much better compared to the ones we usually get in Malaysia. No happy red and weird taste. Its almost like grapes but bigger and juicier. But no, I cannot bring back cherries cause our luggage, just like the owner, is overweight. No cherries but lots of pictures. The stuff here is pretty expensive if we have to convert it to Malaysian Ringgit. If we work and stay here, its pretty alright. I am considering moving here after I finish my education. We'll see. We'll see. Everything in NZ is fascinating to me up to this point. I have not been let down yet. The sceneries, the places, the shops, the people, the street, the facilities, the weather. It seems like it is too good to be true. Maybe it is because I am here for 12 days only. We will see. =) Gotta go. Today I blog from sis's uni library. Compared to ours. WAH!!!!!! Incomparable leh.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Still there but coming back soon

I was cut off from the cyber world because I left Dunedin to go to Christchurch and Queenstown. I still manage to blog from Christchurch but not in Queenstown. Queenstown is a really beautiful place to be and I did some extreme activities. Lol. Not extreme at all kay? My extreme level damn low. No bungy jumping, no jetboat or anything as such. But I managed to get up close and personal with sheeps which are only cute when they are young. They are scary when they grow older. Not so sweet looking face anymore. I tried feeding them but I freaked out when I saw their deadly eyes and how they storm to me. I threw the food on the ground and ran lar. Yes, I bet it is more entertaining to see me like that than to actually look at the sheep and step on their poo poo. I had fun though.

I shall talk about it when I am back home with more details and loads of pictures. I probably going to fill up my entire 4G pendrive with pictures and videos. I am leaving NZ in three days time which is on the 19th and reaches Penang on the 19th as well. Time difference between NZ and Malaysia managed to save me a day. I hope to blog about it because even if no one is reading them, I want to blog down my memories in NZ. I came here with totally no experience in taking a plane with my mum who took planes before but just as blur as I am. I love touring like this. We should do it more often. =) That's all. I am lazy already.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I am in Christchurch Part 1

I really don't like the keyboard here lor. So not nice to type. But I paid NZ$2 to online. Sis was complaining that I have such a limited time (half and hour) and I still talk about the keyboard. Oh well.

Christchurch is a lot more different compared to Dunedin. Here, there's more shopping to do and I am getting my ROXY stuff tomorrow. More shopping tomorrow. Yay!!! If Che is reading this, WE GOT U STUFF...Don't worry

I can't blog anymore I think. I don't know when it'll disconnected. Lol. Ok. There's 22 more minutes. There's time showing on top. Blur me. I shall go to my friendster now. No picture updates cause I can't transfer my pictures. We are staying in a backpackers hotel and trust me, if you are on holiday like this, backpackers hotel is very good enough already. Everything is there at a lower rate. So much fun.

ps: There's so many cute guys over here, I can drool anytime of the day, at any day. =P Even my bus driver was cute. Can you imagine having a super cute driver to drive you from Penang to KL?? That's how far Dunedin and Christchurch is.

I am leaving. Love u guys. =) Keep you guys updated. I'll leave Christchurch in three days time which is on the Thursday and I'll go to Queenstown where I will visit the Ice Bar and do other more extreme activities. Hopefully I will come back braver than ever.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I am in NZ!!! *part 1*

Unbelievable as it is, I am already here for 3 days and 2 nights. Sis's graduation was yesterday. Will blog on that later. All the pictures in NZ will be in next post which I hope I can put up really soon. I almost blogged on Friday night itself. But my jet lag was unbearable, I had to sleep. Then again last night, I had another of my jet lag experience. Was so dizzy, I slept at 9. I will talk about New Zealand in the next post so that you are not too crowded with too many things at one go. Will be going to Pao's church friends' place later. =)

Che and I at Penang Airport.

Anyway, being the very useless me, I don't really enjoy the aeroplane ride. Some might enjoy it tremendously though. I heard from friends that it was very enjoyable. The trip to Singapore was scary because it was my first while the trip to Christchurch was less scary but cost me a lot of pain (read: on my butt. 10 hours okay??). In fact the trip to Christchurch was only scary when it landed cause the plane we took had to make a turn and you can actually see the wings having one side higher than another. It was a little scary you know? Feel so insecure. The food was alright but I had so many of my FIRST in the plane. I will continue bout that in a list before I end my post.

So, upon reaching Singapore, I was taken aback with the beautiful airport. There's so much to see there and a lot of time to spend there. Seriously, I have been walking around the airports in Penang, Singapore and Christchurch. There's so many things put up and done in Singapore and Christchurch that I immediately can imagine how it would be when it is done in Malaysia itself.

Can you imagine this is put in Singapore Airport unattended and totally free??!!! And NO ONE IS CROWDING OVER IT!!! I don't think that will happen in Penang....Or even in Malaysia.

One thing though. Singapore people got that lazy meh? Like that also need escalator.

Oooo.. That's for people when they are running late for their flight lar. Their airport damn huge ok? I got lost over there. =S They even provide a small car with a driver if you are really late and need to get to your gate.

Christmas feeling in Singapore.

The first thing I went was of course the bath room. The toilet was clean and dry. So different from Penang. Then I saw a drinking fountain or so. Where you get to drink and it is automatic. There's censor and when you walk close, the water will automatically come out from it. If its in Penang, it'll probably be very dirty cause they don't maintain it and kids there will probably be wasting a lot of water just by standing in front of the censor. Parents might play along too.

And the airport is so very the huge, I got lost there. There's lots of shops over there and you will not be bored even though you have to wait for 7 hours before your next flight. The wait in Singapore was nothing compared to the one we had in Christchurch. There's nothing much in Christchurch's airport. We even got a free tour around Singapore which took us to two hours of fun.

More Christmas decorations!!! It so nice. Singapore airport so very the syok.

I thought I saw my second sister. On the second look. Not lar. (Inside joke)

They have their very own garden in Changi Airport itself!! So nice can? In fact they have a few gardens.

The activities in Changi Airport. Free internet is one of them.

We even tried this!! So much fun can? The kids are enjoying too. =)

Can I like continue this in another post. Sis is having the pendrive and I so cannot tahan looking at this page without publishing it. Like it will go disappear or something like that. Anyway, as I said I want to post up my FIRST before I end this, read below.

1. Waving from inside the airport and not outside!
2. Sitting on a plane (like duh!)
3. Eating on the plane ( Like a bunch of very eau lo [read: greedy] people because we had to eat even when the plane was shaking macam got gempa bumi like that.)
4. Eating 11000 km or more above the sea level
5. Peeing 11000 km or more above the sea level
6. Sitting at one place for 10 hours without getting to relax the butt (read: eh, sitting is like an action ok? If you are sitting for 10 hours, that is not resting your butt already!! That's a tiring action.)
7. Sitting in the airport like lost souls for 7 hours then 5.
8. Experiencing the FIRST wind I had in NZ. (though its summer, it was and still is blardy cold)
9. Stepping onto Singapore!!
10. Being in a land where there's more guai lous than Asians.
11. So much more. I can't really post up all. So read my blog for the NZ updates. There's so much more to talk about.

ps: If you are eager to read bout my sis's graduation, hop on to her blog. She posted already. =) I'll be writing my side of story though. So hop here and there to read more. =P

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I am in Changi Airport!!!!

As much as I want to say aeroplane very nice to sit, I cannot lor. Because it is not nice. Not even a bit. =( But I want go holiday. So I will still sit aeroplane. Just not enjoying it. Will blog when I reach Pao's place tomorrow. A long night in the plane. I need to sleep. I need it badly. =(

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I am leaving!!!

I am going off tomorrow. I might not be able to update but I will try. Going to New Zealand tomorrow. Will leave Penang early in the morning. Accounts was not that horrible but not too good also. But its over. Its now the time for me to have fun. Lots of fun. =) I missed the chance two years ago and I'll never let it happen again.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It is coming!!!!

Not Christmas la. Not pay day also lar. Obviously not my birthday. Mine is on the 7th of April ler.

Its the last day of my EXAM!!!!! I was talking to my friends and suddenly I realized something. How did I even survived my 13 years of being a student? I never studied for my exam. God must have loved me blardy a lot that I can manage to crawl my way up to Form 6. I have never studied for my school examinations, let alone the government ones. PTS, UPSR, PMR and SPM were like so insignificant in my life cause I never really fight for the results. I go for tuitions, do some homework, and walk into the hall without even finishing my revision. Honestly speaking, I still do not know how to identify the states in our own Peninsular Malaysia map. In fact, I can't even differentiate Sabah and Sarawak despite having only two patheticly big state there.

I am such a blessed child to be able to complete my STPM. STPM is the only examination I really studied for. Actually, the entire Form 6 life. I really studied for it although it may seem little if compared to those real hardworking ones. For one, I finished my Econs textbooks and my PA textbook. That is like already something I should and can be proud of. I am never the studious type. I have never read my textbook from cover to cover. First time and I gave it to Form 6.

Accounts was not easy. But at least I did not draw UGLY cartoons nor did I cry. I was just sitting there trying to use up the 3 hours given. I am so excited now but I think I should go study. Today study period in PBA was at least a little more productive compared to the past 5 days. But I will study again. I wonder if I can do the questions tomorrow cause I am worried I'll be over excited. =P

It came and it is going to end soon. Soon, I'll be on the plane, waving to the clouds around me and smell the air of New Zealand. I'm going to walk on the land of New Zealand, touch the grass of New Zealand and take a picture with New Zealand cows. Wait a minute, I'll first land on Singapore. One stone kills two birds. Go to two different country at a trip. Lol. After 19 years of living in Penang and being the "island people". =) I am happy.

No more government examinations. I am closing this entire schooling life with hopefully a not-too-sad results. No more school uniforms after this. Confirm. Even if I want to.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Tension building up

I wanted to blog about the couple bermaksiat-ing in PBA but I can't cause I need to study Accounts. I am so so so doomed. Sitting for accounts tomorrow is going to be a long tiring ride. I'll most probably be drawing cartoons, UGLY ones to use up the entire 3 hours. I am so so stressed up now cause I can't do any of the past year questions. Besides, family problem is driving me crazy and I wish that everyone will stop acting funny or doing all those nuisance while I am still taking my exams. Just leave me alone for another two days and I will layan all of you.

Just, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!! And I am so tired of listening about him. If he cannot behave, I won't want to know anything or got anything to do with the news about him. I am so sick of all this. Can everyone just stop coming to me and complaining? Give me some space. Don't get panic only when I burst into tears. I am very close to doing that.

Congrats to those who finished their exams. MERDEKA for you all. As for me, two more days. Its going to be a long tiring ride but it is coming to an end. In fact, it has been a very long tiring ride. We've finally going to reach our destination. We are so close to the Road To Freedom, our final destination. Keep it up my friends. We can do it. =)

*hides and cries cause she can't do her accounts.*

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Photo updates

I am just here to update the picture of my new shoe. I did not take picture of my mum's yet. Might take it if I remember. I wanted to take it but was busy packing bag. And no, I am not showing what I am bringing to NZ. =P No peeking into my luggage bag. Anyway, I bought a shoe the other day and I really really like it. This is my first Nike sport shoe. I am usually the cha-pa-lang brand type of people. I am glad I finally got my very first Nike sport shoe after a very long wait. =)

Oh before that, meet Lolly, the Lobster. I've got Lumbar, the Dolphin too. =)

My shoe. Ignore the dirty floor. I just snap pictures without sweeping the floor first.

My very cool shoe. I love my shoe. =)

Nike one. Like Swee Win's dimple. NZ, here I come.

Anyway, was packing already. Lol, too early? We are leaving next Thursday. But I might not have time to pack later cause I really really need to buck up on my Accounts. And then exam lor. Then must go to NZ already ma. =) First time sit plane, a bit gan cheong tim. =P

STPM is NOT over

What was I even thinking? I have not been able to put anything into my head for two days. Two whole freaking days and I only got so little in my head. I am so gonna fail my Accounts. I don't know la. It seems like everyone feels so de-motivated now and keep thinking of going back. Seriously.

Last few days feel nothing la. Just keep thinking of how to enjoy after the whole exam. I am so so so dead meat. And I am going out for dinner later. How now? Sei erm sei?? Accounts, bye bye. Sorry Mr. Koay.

Anyway, the man is BACK! Remember the creepy guy? Click here. He was there again yesterday and he asked if we know how to answer. Seriously people. Tell me. DO I LOOK THAT BODOH? Why keep asking us? I very stupid meh my face? Like everyone there will definitely know how to do their papers except us. So creepy can? I so so so scared, I dare not even lift my head while answering. Shan and Win lagi teruk, did not even help out. They kept quiet and I had to answer. I don't know la. If that person is just plain friendly, I am sorry. I am terrified. =(

One more week and I am so out of PBA. I will try not to go there study until I look smarter or he forgets me. Or better still, he stop going there. I don't think I can change how I look. =S

Friday, November 30, 2007

Freedom is just few steps away

Freedom is coming in 6 more days. Its coming. I can already smell freedom already. Do you know how does freedom smells like? It smells like the things we love. It can be of peppermint, flowers , fruits, stinky socks (I don't think anyone like it but oh well, this is something real subjective. so...) or anything you love. As long as you love it, it smells like that.

I was asking Wah Keong koko if he knows how does freedom smells like.

Me: I can smell freedom already.
Him: Yea...
Me: Do you know how does freedom smells like?
Him: Har??? I don't know. I am thinking of sleeping only.
Me: -.-" Everyday also sleep.

Adakah patut? Freedom smells like sleeping. Then I was having freedom during my exam also lar. At times I am so tired, I had 8 to 9 hours sleep when I do not have any papers. I once had 12 hours sleep okay? That was before my PA II. So morning wake up, kelam-kabut lar.

Anyway, as I've said, I practically merdeka-ed after Econs paper and went for shopping. My merdeka mood was still on this morning which will be very very very bad for my Accounts. I shall now kick off all the merdeka spirit and start studying. Go away, come back in 6 more days please. Thank you. I got myself a bag as I've said and I love it.

My bag. Adidas. I love the Nike one too. But this one is more special.

See la. The three dogs. Every day like that lor. You study like mad, they sleep so syok. =( Tidur mati one er. With angin sepoi-sepoi some more okay?

Swee Win and I. With the sweets she bought. From Germany kay? But too bad, got laxative effect if taken too much. *grins* I love the peach one.

Swee Win took a picture of me studying. I was really really unproductive today.

I should pack my bags now. I chose few clothes to bring along already. =) Packing packing. I first time pack stuff into that huge luggage bag okay? Usually mine will be like two baju, two pants, settle. Cause will go near near like K.L for two or most, 3 days two nights. Very long d okay? =P I am a happy girl. I promise to take lots of pictures. =) I love camwhoring. There's no rules that only beauties can camwhore right? Oh I love rules!!!!! -.-" Got people karaoke-ing at my place. I bet he is some uncle la. The song also like 50s. =S

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I had an expensive celebration.

All thanks to my expensive cravings for sushi lar. I went looking for it on Tuesday, then Wednesday. Both day also to no avail. The sushi lady that I enjoy buying from at the Pulau Tikus Market was off. The sushi cost me RM1 for one piece. -.- Today, after Macro paper, I went to Prangin Mall with my mum, sis and aunt. And of course, we had sushi for dinner. Not cheap lo.

Prangin Mall= Shopping Complex
Shopping Complex= shopping
Shopping = Money
Just finished a paper= Double spending
About to go on a holiday= Triple spending

Money really not enough ah. Mum and I got our walking shoes for New Zealand. Then I bought a long pants. Then we walk here walk there, I found a bag I like. Buy. Saw Barney, bought for Brian boy. All on mum. I am such a bad girl. I buy so many things. Not with my own money. Felt so guilty. But I really really really like that bag. I've wanted one like that for a long long time. Whereas the shoe, I will return mum. And the pants, heee, mum buy for me la.

This will be my post-STPM celebration which I celebrate earlier. So how should I put it? Pre-post-STPM celebration? Something like that. No, I've not finished my paper. Two more next week. =) Accounts.

Then I should pack my bags and hop on to the plane, hopefully the right one cause this will be my first time, to go NZ where all the milks and cows and sheeps and green fields are. I promise I will take pictures of many many cows like those models in Fernleaf ad. Hoi, human in ad, we call models, cow also call models lar. Anyway, I hope the cows there are pretty like those models too. I hope those cows in the ad are like normal cows and not selected ones for the ad. You know how they choose exceptionally pretty, thin and stunning looking models for human? I hope that don't apply on cows because I really really want to see those beautiful cows and sheeps.

I'll blog, I'll blog. I couldn't keep my hands off the laptop keyboard. And I hope I am able to announce something very very exciting soon. Cross fingers and bless everyone who is taking exams. All sorts of exams. =)

Oh ya, Macro was alright. But I am not that sure lar. I really hope I can get A for it though. But I shall not pressure myself like that. The questions, I read before already okay? I read the whole Q&A book which I think all STPM takers who are taking Econs in future should have. There are about 4 to 5 questions familiar to me. Too bad I couldn't really remember. Or I would have scored A for it, hands down. Hope lady luck is with me and will be with me until the result is out. Let all the examiners have a wonderful time with the family, be all happy and chirpy and leave their grumpiness until they finish marking our paper. PLEASE......... Oh, and please, make them be so happy, they smile while marking our paper but please don't give zero. Don't too happy until no mood mark, cin cai give terrible marks ok? Happy marks, anytime.

And oh by the way, I just want to clarify that I do understand the person in the previous blog post's feeling. I was just really tired and pissed. But I understand and I really really wish not to be to involve in this whole thing. You may think that I am such a brat who refuse to take any sufferings, I don't care. I just think that I would be happier that way and I really really need to feel happy bout myself. I am old enough to know what is right and what is wrong. I hope he is not too hurt about it but I really hope he read the post, understand and not take it wrongly. In fact, I don't know what to say. I am speechless.

7 more days. I can see freedom at the end of the road.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time really heal all wounds

I thought I would feel sad, angry or at least hurt. I don't. I was disappointed. If he thinks that what he is giving us is really a lot, I pity him for his naive-ness. Just do some light calculation, RM5 per kid, three kids, RM15 right? There's 365 days in a year and for 13 years already. Do this simple calculation. And for God's sake, I am estimating this at its minimum. Does raising up a child cost merely RM5? Perhaps 30 or 40 years back.

Our studies, our education, our welfare. Is it merely RM5 a day? I am glad I have a mother who is as strong as a bull who raised us up herself and never once because of lack of money, neglect our studies. In fact, we probably attended more tuition classes any rich man's daughter would. If I do not have this bull mum, I might end up not able to continue my studies and just take up any job that came my way. Of course life is not a bed of roses. I have a stronger than a bull mum with a temper probably worst than a bull. =P Nevertheless, I love her. As for the other person, I have nothing much to say anymore. I am just disappointed. Enough said. I'm so tired of expecting too much from him. The respect, the love. Its normal for human to do mistakes but there's a limit to everything. And the limit to my patience? Its almost zero.

I have been away from all these problems way too much. I choose to ignore, I choose not to know too much because I know that the effect of knowing too much is suffering just as much. I began to listen more now cause I thought that so many years had passed. Definitely something improved. I am too tired of listening to empty promises. From now onwards, I am so out of this whole thing. Don't ask me, don't tell me and DON'T MAKE PROMISES TO ME!!! I don't care anymore.


Micro was alright. More to the theory part which is good cause I love theory parts. I still got the hand shiver like mad syndrome cause I do not have enough time to complete everything. I am glad the paper I am usually good at is over. Macro is not my strong subject but I hope I do okay for it because I want A. I am going to continue studying later. Wish me luck.

On the side note, there is this one girl that not much people in my circle of friends like. I don't know why. I am neutral to her cause I don't know her. Anyway, with full respect, I am going to salute her cause she did not wait for her boyfriend to get her the chair. Even when the boyfriend go and get it with her, she carry her own. And she went to get the chair with the boyfriend running to her behind her. Meaning she did not even wait for the boyfriend. I really respect her for this. =)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Exam students are like pregnant ladies.

When you are having exam, you are so stressed up, you crave for lots of things. No wonder exam period, sure put on weight. Although you claim that you don't eat at the times you always do, kgs by kgs or pounds by pounds will definitely be piling up. I wonder if it is because of pressure or just because you are too free. You will crave of things you usually don't and you will eat lots of junks like sweets, asam, chippies, KFC, crackers, biscuits. Anything you can nibble on while studying.

If you don't want to nibble on food while studying, go library. Do not go PBA. Because you are allowed to eat in PBA and not in library. And then again, we smuggled junk food like sweets and small small packets of keropok. The 20 cents per pack one. And sometimes Cloud 9. So actually, doesn't make much difference. Just that you can eat secara terang-terangan in PBA and not in library. And you can put the food all over the table in PBA but not in library. Besides, everyone else will have junk food on their table, so you feel less guilty.

I prefer PBA because I have more freedom there and I get to lepaskan geram by nagging the dogs there for taking naps when I have to study. Lol. And PBA got more place to sit, the time is more flexible and you can eat there. Unlike library, no place to sit, cannot talk, cannot bring your bags in, cannot eat there, nowhere nearby to go for lunch and the worst of all, GO TOILET ALSO BEH CHENG. Cause the aunty who washes the toilet always scold people. Want to go toilet or walk around also worried. Worry will bump into the aunty and got scolding for no reason. Really mou tuin tuin get scolding one.

At times when we go PBA toilet we will think of that aunty and get worried also. Phobia already. One bad thing about PBA toilet though. You have to check, double check and triple check that you do not have extra friend in there with you. Yes, the black creature with blardy long tail. =)

Some people do obscene things in public one lor. -.-" Go study, you study properly la. Why do all those obscene stuff? You kiss my hand, I bite your hand. Super beh tahan. PUBLIC leh.

Anyway, mum just told me something really funny. I am so very the useless. You know kids like it when you promise to give them presents if they do well in exams right? They will at least try to reach the aim and then get their goodies. Yours truly here don't lo. Er Mei Ren will offer me things like if I do well, I'll get this and that. Even before she finished her sentence, I will tell her a BIG FAT NO!!!! Lol.

Damn no kia su. Cause I rarely win anyway. Numb already the feeling. I've never been the brightest or the most hardworking student in class. Maybe one of them but definitely not the 1st. Maybe third or fourth providing that the other students in my class are just like me, more to the not so hardworking side. I would yak yak yak in class and not listen to the teacher. If the teacher is a little fierce, I would be drawing little ugly creatures on papers or table. UGLY is real one. Really not pretty and the UGLY was not on purpose lo. So sad. =(

On the side note, Maths Paper 2 was so so so much easier compared to Paper 1. Probably because I can't do even a question for Paper 1. I am glad Paper 2 was better. Tomorrow is my Econs paper. 4 more papers to go. As much as I love Econs and do better in it, I am freaking worried that I will forget everything when I'm in there. God bless!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Bahasa Malaysia.

Don't even know what's the message trying to be sent across. -.- So good one B.M. really waste paper to printout. Because no one will understand also.
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