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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Why do I like to chase artiste?

Before I began ranting, there's this one guy, one uncle to be exact, is an even more crazy artiste chaser than I am. I always see him in whichever promo I go and he always buy the albums and get them signed. I don't buy every single album la.

People might be wondering, why la on earth is this soon to be old lady chasing artiste like they know her? Well, they don't know me. None of them do. =) Even silly-er right? I started chasing artiste after I started buying original albums which was after Daniel Lee release his. So here goes the reasons.

- It's only when I chase artiste I get handsome and pretty guys and girls looking at my camera and smiling to me. Do you think with my er...quality, if I go out there, look at pretty girls or handsome boys, they will smile at me? Or even look at my side? Let alone allowing me to take picture of them? =P

- It's like a miracle the people I see on television appears in front of me. It's also a way for me to tell myself, eh, they also same like us la, human also. They eat, shit and sleep also.

- I just want to see if they look like what they look like on television ar?

- I get to know many incredible friends. Like you like to chit chat or ShoutOut, also to get to know more friends right?

- A good way to kap leng chai. Real leng chai. Not cin cai walk outside and kap one.

- It's a very rare chance especially if they are not local ones.

- I guess I've seen several new local artiste with very small fan base to begin with and I was thinking if I buy one album and that will help them just a little bit, why not? I bought a few not-worth it album before. I support local artiste because I think they deserve a chance to show that they can. How can they prove themselves if they can't even sell their first album?

- The moment when you managed to capture an artiste looking at your direction, into your camera and smile, it's indescribable. It's like there's thousands of people or perhaps just hundreds, they managed to find your camera and smile into it. Macam kena lottery la. Although you might not like that artiste that much. =P

So I got good reasons one. But hor, actually I just like to chase nia la. No special reason one. Just want to go, see and say, SO HANDSOME!!!!!!!!! Over there. =P Besides, I watch lots of reality show so I more into local artiste. =P


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Mrs Chong said...

hahahaha...of course I know...go until putrajaya pun dipuji...aiseh...hehehehe...satu hottest girl in putrajaya, satu hottest girl in dunedin (read: hwee yeng)

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