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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogging can never be the same again

It used to be just innocent postings about what we do daily as our blog is so unknown, it feels like we are writing for ourselves. Then we become greedy and we want people to notice us and read our blogs, so we innit our postings, we go all out to find interesting stuff to post, we go makan like nobody's business to update our food blog and we write according to the hottest topic.

It's inevitable that people will either love our postings or hate it to core as we put ourselves into the hands of the critics. When we post up, we cannot run from being praised as well as being criticize. Actually we can, when people don't even notice it, we are safe. -.-" Which is totally opposite to our main purpose in the first place. Our every action is no longer according to what we want to do cause we might make people angry and people might hate us for it.

Now that we hace decided to innit, we cannot run away from being judged. If people were to judge us, let them be. What they know about us? All they know are what we posted, what we are willing to show the world. We can always control ourselves from writing our true feelings. We can act like an angel when we are actually devils. After all, we blog, we edit and we post. Whatever we want to do, it's up to us. And it's up to you too to read or not. You like you read, you don't like, leave. Is it that hard? Why want to make people's life miserable? Not like we threaten you to read or what.

Someone can be really chatty when he/she is blogging but a true "mute" in person. Like you will know. -.-" I am a greedy person now. I want people to read my blog, to tell me things I want to hear and I get upset when people criticize me. It's normal. There will be one day when you finally can accept people's criticism without cursing that person under your breath letting it ruin your mood. Practise makes perfect, no?

ps: I am not giving you passes to come in and criticize me har? But, since I wrote practise makes perfect, I will try my best la. T.T

pps: I got people coming into my blog, correcting my English, preaching me about Jesus (bad things). Sien. Not even famous. If famous then won't feel so pissed.

ppps: Ah Leng, your comment is in another post. I did something wrongly and had to repost this. Sorry.


xXxKiraraxXx said...

awww... ur posts are ok wad... >_< dun sad le lah... that is the humanity now... this is ur blog leh... live life as it is, and blog as u wish! =D

Mrs Chong said...

hey there. thanks for dropping by. At times when you blog whatever you like and some unknown come in and buat kacau, really can get angry one lor

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