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Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka doesn't feel like one because

I am a girl.

Why did I choose to come back to this place when I can happily munching on snacks at home for another day, watching television and fireworks? Why did I choose to come back to this place, away from my family with a phone with no line? DiGi, YOU SUCK. =(((

I am super emo now because I cannot message anyone to grumble or complain and I feel uncomfortable. I don't know why, been having tummy discomforts and body aches. The 'perks' of being a girl I guess. You get to feel 1001 pains that you can never make out why.

I miss home, I miss food (because I got tummy discomforts-laughing too much) and I miss my bed. I can't believe coming back to USM is still so hard after 3 sems. And I live 30 minutes away only. I hate this. I guess I need more friend to make me hate this place less. And that is not happening. T___T

Anyway, Happy Independence Day. I would gladly sing and wave flags at home but since I am away from home, I've lost all the drive or mood to do anything at all. I guess I'll just sleep in earlier and hope tomorrow will be better.

I HATE MOOD SWINGS. *this explains why Merdeka doesn't feel like one because I am a girl, I have mood swings and nothing feels like anything when you have mood swings.*


Mad Maureen said...

Eh, Digi no line here? Btw, happy merdeka Ping Ping.. ;) I can't enjoy Merdeka due to the fact that I am girl too, and that have lot of laundry and (ass)ignment to finish.. Haiz~

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: yesterday...hehehe..too many ppl sms-ing one another, being too patriotic..sigh...i got laundry and assignment too. That's why I am back in USM a day earlier. Stupid assignments and test.

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