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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A pinch of suay-ness

I am an easily distracted person. Just one thing that people say or do, I will get distracted. But I'm glad this time I was strong enough. Some people just can't see other people having a peaceful and happy life without them. They just have to come and destroy people's beautiful Friday but I'm glad it ended up being a BIG JOKE to me and did no harm to me.

Ah Beng joke: boohoo is a person's name?

T__________T It's crying. Like booooohoooo...bawling...No one has the name of boohoo okay?

Anyway that's not the suay thing. For both my Friday and my Saturday, my beauty sleep was interrupted with phone call and message.

Too bad for the phone call, I did not hear what she say, I just say wrong number, hang up and continue sleeping. Call people at 8am. HELLO, YOU EARLY BIRD YOU GO GET YOUR WORMS LA, DISTURB ME FOR WHAT? I DON'T EAT WORMS.

Then another person messaged me this morning, at 7.54a.m., a mandarin message saying 'Today I'm not catering food.' T__________T. What is this? Sleep also beh cheng (no peace).

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