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Sunday, August 09, 2009

I've lost the drive

to prove my point.

It was just a feedback after the event. Then it leads to a discovery. And then volcano erupts, angry words exchanged, and the table turns around.

I've realized that there's no point being angry or discontented because no one cares if you are not happy. If you complain, you are a trouble-maker. If you don't, everyone is happy but you. Why bother to make yourself happy?

The truth is, you never will. It's either you are unhappy because of the incident or you are unhappy because you are labeled as trouble-maker. Unhappy #1 leads to nothing but your own feelings while unhappy #2 leads to being in hot soup.

No wonder we are always opting for #2. Less hassle, less problems, less negative feelings, less headaches. Way to go people!!!

ps: So sorry because I've actually lost the mood to blog about the funny thing that happened. But it was super funny and interesting experience which I wish I do not have to go through ever again.
It has to do with getting a ride, a manual car, an auto car driver, a small junior, a big car, rainy day, walking back, wrong building and a dog. Yes, like drama like that. YAU MOU KAM KIU AR? Everything seemed to line up one after another like in the drama where we always think, nonsense la, won't happen ok?

The important point is, we almost put our lives in risk.


Pao Pao said...

apa ni??

Mrs Chong said...

nothing d...solved....miss u pao..

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