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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I had a nap-mare

I was taking a nap after my 8am class. Then I dreamt of a super huge lizard like the size of a...I don't know, just huge (for a lizard that is). Anyway, I dreamt that it was in my cupboard (oh the horrors) and I was not sure what it was at first. Just staring at it closely before it started moving.

Oh boy how fast it moved. Walking on four legs, like those biawak. The thing is, it's with the brown, smooth but yucky skin. And I was screaming (in my dream) while my room mate (ta-da) the heroine came to the rescue. She managed to catch the 'thing' and threw it in a plastic. Then! HAHA got suspense some more. Anyway, then a very evil neighbour whom I don't know who, chased me with that plastic bag of ugly 'thing' and scolded me that I 'boh lor eong' (useless) and I kept screaming and shouting and yelling that I couldn't cry.

Then I warn her, you kacau me I cry one ar? Anyway, she threw it away and I went back to my room. Someone was in the room and said that the 'thing' is not lizard cause it has hair. Drama betui. Suddenly *boom* the room mate says she want to go to see MYFM booth because I told her I heard DJ Mei Yan and another guy DJ. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! So luan lai. HAHA, and I accompanied her there. Then I woke up in fear.

I think I got this dream because
#1. I saw few super ugly lizards and SUPER HUGE in the bathroom last night. Chasing one another *you think like kittens meh? Play like that very cute ar?*

#2.I saw the myfm banner this morning when I was at the Tapak Convo thingie.

Scared die me.

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