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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Satisfied of this year's convo

=) This year I went to the convex almost every day (except for yesterday) and ate 3 kebabs, one roti john. =)) Happy. Very satisfied already.

Last year I think I went very few times only. And it's like in between classes so I did not have much time to walk to every stall. This year I've walked through the food stalls few rounds. Last year I had one roti john and one kebab which is so patheticly little. I'm a happy and satisfied girl now.

Been attending few senior's convo. Sigh, soon I'll be like them. Gosh I'll miss these people man. That is why I must appreciate all the time we spend together now and not regret that I did not take the opportunity to get to know each and every of them better (chehwa suddenly so positive).

Just took a nap. Me loves nap and bejeweled blitz. I should not think so much la. Just be happy for now. Take a day at a time.


Diana said...

ping for my convo i want those teddy with the hat wan kkkkkkkkkkkk, thank you in advance :D

and yes, i wont paiseh paiseh with you wan XD XD

Mrs Chong said...

diana: when is ur convo???If my convo u coming or not??? =P

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