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Monday, August 10, 2009

Everything is cleared

at least for now.

One lesson learnt, 'Open your eyes BIG BIG when you know someone. You'll never know someone well enough.'

=)) Ok, back to rewriting my Spanish assignment because I wrote my name as Ch'ng Ping Ping instead of Estefania. T_____T

I had dinner with 13 other coursemates and took pictures with them. So proud of myself la. =) *pats self on the back*. Bear with me, I always eat dinner alone in my room or at most with WeiWei or YiLin.

I rarely eat with a lot of people and it's actually quite a good feeling to eat with large group of people. =)) I'm happy now as of today and I hope this feeling will linger a lot longer this time.


3w3yaN said...

hehe..agree agree...very true eyes big big when knwing sum1..hehe..if nt later or soon..we oso will get to see the true clour of the the time we knew it...its gonna be too late d..hehe...nasi sudah jadi bubur..=)

Mrs Chong said...

eweyan: life is hard hor??? already got so many problem, still got these kind of ppl around...sigh....but everything is ok now. I'm glad..

3w3yaN said...

yalor..those ppl jz dunno how to appreciate life..haihz..hahaha

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