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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A lazy Saturday morning

Woke up to the singing of my human alarm clock. This house is the house of singers. Everyone sings to wake one another up each morning. I don't because usually they sing to wake me up. T___T Even when I really don't need to wake up that early.

Do nothing for like half and hour before taking my bath. The water is still cold despite turning on the heater. I guess the water is too cold to be heat up. Then changed and blow-dry my hair. Was about to leave home when something (ie mummy cannot find her pouch bag) cropped up and decided maybe we don't want to go Youth Park after all. Yes, we are grumpy people when we cannot find our things. Besides it's pouring outside. Cancelled the plan and continue onlining.

I <3 lazy Saturday mornings.
Check out my new header. Don't like one of the picture, top left, but am too lazy to edit them again because unfortunately, this is not like photoshop where you can just remove that picture if you don't like it. Will stick to it for now.
Love the new setting for posting. =)) Uber cool. Go to Setting - Scroll down to Select post editor and choose updated editor. =)



Old Beng said...

The photo looks ok what?!
Eh... you slimmed down or is it the photo?

Old Beng said...

You got FB bo? If you add me, you can see my "un-blanco-ed" face.

Mrs Chong said...

old beng: picture only..hahaha...i got fb...wait..go add u now..

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