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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sometimes, you should be naughty

and not nice.

Christmas is still 4+ months away so I think it's time to be naughty. Santa will forgive me and give me my presents if I am nice after being naughty this time. But then again, despite being nice for so many years, I hardly get any Christmas presents now so I guess it won't hurt not to get it for another year.

I'm a cheeeken. Serious. People step all over my head when I'm like that. And people think I'm being ridiculously fierce sometimes but hello, welcome to the real world. You be nice, you get trampled all over and people will not appreciate you. They'll take you for granted and soon you'll be labeled as 'water fish', sui yu, which means someone you can take advantage of in Cantonese.


weiwei said...

do u know sui yu means a turtle? a kind of turtle/tortoise or somethign like that

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: IS IT???wtf...i dunno... =P I thought it's like sotong or something...hahahaha

weiwei said...

sok thau wuu kuai wtf

Mrs Chong said...

walao eh...cheeken can d la...

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