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Monday, August 24, 2009

I don't know what I want

The thing is, even if I want it, I am not brave enough to fight for it. And I'll just force myself and tell myself I don't really want it anyway.

What is wrong with me? Can't I for once fight for something I want and believe in?

Maybe not, cause I'm born a chicken like that. I've decided to do what I always do, run and avoid. I might regret but that's the only thing I think is rational and right to do.

Perhaps it's because I'm always telling myself, I don't deserve it. I don't deserve anything good happening to me. When will I stop torturing myself like this?


reddaisie said...

me too :(

Old Beng said...

Try 50% success
Don't try or run away 0% success


I guess, whatever anybody says will not change your attitude so, you have to change your mindset and character and attitude.

Anyway, try la and even if unsuccessful, you won't die, the most malu a little bit, so? Malu 就 malu lor. 尴尬的笑笑啰

When I was a young Beng, I was also like you, everything also scared but slowly I trained myself.

Just try this: When you are facing some decision or uncertainty, just tell yourself, what the hack, just go for it and then don't give yourself any more time to reconsider and action on it.

You try and after a few times, you tell me whether has your life changed? 加油!!

Mrs Chong said...

pao: =( Is it in the genes?

Old Beng: Wah, old beng really old beng...advice got a bit power also. Make me think, YA LO HOR??? Ok, will try and then I'll let you know. Does that include buying clothes??? =P

Old Beng said...

Ha ha buy clothes don't need to consider so long la, just so long as your purse has enough money :)

Mrs Chong said...

old beng: hehehe...purse empty, can window shop ni...

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