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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Bird-day Ah Win

To my camwhore partner.

To the person who understands that we must take ten thousand shots of the same pose.

To the person who understands that it is obligatory to take pictures with your food.

Or of your food.

To the person who loves me for who I am and who I am not.

To the person who always never fails to make me smile or laugh.

To the one and only non-biological daughter I'll ever ever ever have.

Added: To the girl who is as blur or even blurer than me that makes me feel belonged.

To the girl who loves to go out as much as I do (or even more) but cannot drive (like me). Love u.

To my Ah Win.

Happy 21st Birthday.

I love you lots lots lots lots lots lots lots. =))

We'll go casino when you are back and then we celebrate our birthdays that lasted a year together okay?

We'll go for a drink like adults k? Ok la, my drink is orange juice or something not bitter =P. Mocktails

ps: USM Hotspot cannot upload photos. Will put up when I'm home. Please come back to see them on Sunday. HAHA
Teehee, one picture nia actually. But I edited. WOAH...heheheh


Swee Win said...

hahahahahah..must wait til sun to c pix? lol! ..thx thx.. :D

Mrs Chong said...

win: ya lo..what to do???I orang susah...stay here connection lau eah ma...sorry ya??? =P

Diana said...

wait til im 21 first!!!

Mrs Chong said...

Diana: Will definitely wait for u la....but cannot wait for suling leh..wait for suling we all turning 22 d...HAHAHAH

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