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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I has no internet connection

Gone are those days when I can online freely from my room. I couldn't connect at all yesterday. Must be all the juniors online also so the line became weak already. I did not download anything so I don't think I got blocked.

I found out that the clothes are not my neighbours. Talk about blaming people before finding out the truth. I've sinned. Anyway, it was someone who lives 10 doors away. She took them away already so it's ok now.

It's just Tuesday. Sigh, waiting anxiously for weekends to come so that I can go back and see all the goodies the sister brought home for me. I heard that she bought a lot!!!!!! Happy happy.

I've not been well though. Probably it's PMS la. All the tummy discomforts and tiredness. How I wish it'll not be so severe this time. Hate it to the core. But oh well, the perks of being a girl. Heard there's H1N1 cases in campus. Not much people are wearing mask though. Should I wear one? I really hope my connection in the room is just being grumpy yesterday and that it'll heal today. I've been rather grumpy lately because of things people do without asking for my permission or the shits I get when I say 'No'.

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