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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things I am looking forward to

Well, since holiday has officially started although mine kind of started from the study week. I know la, haih, I wished I studied more. Anyway, sad things aside. As usual, we plan our holidays way before study break even began. And we made so many plans, or at least I made so many plans that I got a few clashed and have to choose one to attend.

So here are my plans

17-21 Rot until Win comes back

24-30 Church VBS

1-6 Rot at home again. Will try to get some things done like sorting out my notes

7-14 KL babeh!!! with people I love most apart from my family

15-21 Back to reality. Register courses and pack bag to go back to USM. T.T

Holidays feel so short now. It was supposed to make me feel happy. But I am feeling crappy instead. But it's okay. It'll go by. I am feeling much better in my course I think. I know I am shallow cause I did not leave any blanks in my exam paper so I feel better. But who cares. And I got three weeks to enjoy being at home. Four and I am so gonna make it fun.

Off to clean up make-up cupboard. =)

ps: Please date me on weeks that I am free and at home and rotting. =) Gurney new phase is opened and I am craving for sushi. =) I had my Big Apple yesterday.


Anonymous said... kesian rot till i cum back ? so any plans for saturday ?? gurney new phase ok ??

weiwei said...

eh my sushi voucher! THANK ME QUICK THANK ME!

Mrs Chong said...

ahwin: I can't.. =( have to go church...must prepare for the VBS thing. =( sorry darling..

weiwei: dun kill me. I kinda lost it wtf.

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