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Friday, November 28, 2008

Blog hits jatuh mendadak

And I am too lazy to layan anymore. It's like below 50 at times now. I no strength anymore.

It's never meant to be high anyway. I mean you either have a clique online or you have freaking lots of fans. Else, you'll be just another blogger trying hard to make people know you but to no avail.

I kinda like how it is now, when I can update or not whenever I like. Ok la, there are some people bugging me to update. Close friends to be exact.

Eyes cannot open already, I bought a baju and a pair of shoe already. HOW AR?


sabrinaabubakar said...

hi there..come on dont give up in writting..i used to have the same feeling but each time i get frustrated in blogging i get more ideas to write..anyhow i'll link ur blog with mine..i'll be coming soon to Penang any suggestion of nice good chalet for me to spend my honeymoon?hihihi...which i need it to be near Feringgi cause nak shopping lah at nite there..hihihi

Mrs Chong said...

sabrina: thanks. that's very sweet of you. Really? I often say I don't want to blog but ended up blog more too. Heh.. Coming for honeymoon??? I'll get back to you..

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