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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ping's Evolution

Apart from seeing my evolution, you can see yourself (if you are in it) and bring all of us back on a trip down the memory lane. I know you people for 7 years already. Goodness!!! Man I love our yellow badge
I think this was 2002/2003. I can't remember. I don't know why at that time we all hung out at the telephone booth. Ah Win should be the one taking our picture since she is not here.

2003!!! TCII Our first camp together and I think Ju-Yen took this picture for us. OMG I love you guys. We cook, play, sleep together. And yes, that's my mother's hairstyle.

2004 in Putrajaya KL. It was the Maths Club trip. Apparently the hairstylist thought the only way to satisfy my mum is to cut my hair according to my mum's style. Hello!!! I am the one who have to live with that hair!!!!

This is 2004/2005 already. See the RATC shirt? Anyway, this was taken at Melody. We were there to do 'kerja amal' for Moral project. Yes, we do everything together. We walked to 1-stop then to Gurney together, we go bowling together, we go camps together, we makan together, we do 'kerja amal' together. I miss everyone. =( Let's reunite in KL.

Us in our Interact Club uniform. We even joined the same clubs. And attend the events together. I practically grow up with you girls la. How can we ever grow apart? Even if we do, PLEASE remember to turn back okay?

Our Prom together. I was kicked to another table with Diana because of some reason and so we did not get to eat together. But we never failed to take pictures together. First time wearing formal.

2005. Our last day in school. Don't ask me why Yuh Jen hugged the tiang. Until today I still can't figure out. This is the most complete version of Emmoes. Sha is not in though. Why we've never taken a picture where EVERYONE is around?

2007. 6AV1 ma. So 2007. This was taken on the 14th Feb, Ling Ling's birthday. We had Sukantara so we couldn't hang out with her.

This is my Form 6 gang. No more Form 5 gang. I HAVE to put this up cause when we were taking this picture, our teacher saw us and laughed. Why we stopped doing things like this? I love doing funny stuff with you girls and emmoes. I know why. Ah Win is not here.

This was taken during SGGS Food Fair 2007. That's Jen with long hair. XD

Ah Shan's birthday!!! We were at her house, singing and playing and straightening my hair. Shan with long hair.

Then this is Hooi Shan's birthday. She was busy sleeping or playing cards I forgot. We did get some sleep so we went to the pool area to take pictures. That birthday girl played cards whole night. Too weak to come with us.

Annie's birthday. I think that was the last time I saw Yi Yin. And Swee Hong. OMG. I have long hair ever since I got into Form 6. The only difference is my fringe. I sometimes get a Khoo Chee Bee fringe and at times have it long. =)

Me and my two sisters on the ferry. We look different, I know. But I look like my mum. So I am very sure I was not picked up from the garbage. I can't say the same for my sisters though. XD

Woohoo. KL TRIP!!! With beloved sis. In Sungei Wang. Eating gui ling kou. This is before I know the beauty of contact lenses and the make up. XD What? I was 19+ okay? XD

This is me and Ju-Yen at autocity to see Daniel Danell.

And then us in Crepes Cottage. Bad experience then. OMG I MISS EVERYONE.

Picture of us before my baju got colored. Taken after we got our STPM results. Don't ask about the result.

Me birthday!!!! On my birthday. 7th April. My hot anak. XD She is coming back tomorrow. See, my fringe is long. =) And messy.

My first Singapore trip. Can you spot that shark? I love it. =)
and I got it trimmed before I go KL last June. Best trip ever cause I get to see Angeline after so long and Su Ling. OMG, can you just don't hide in KL?
And after months of not having short fringe, sis pestered me to get it cut and here I am with short fringe. She loves it, I won't comment.

And this is my current picture. Perhaps I did not change much in the recent years. But I hate my donkey years hairstyle. Seriously. I HATE IT!!!! These pictures make me want to fly to KL now and pull Ah Win together. XD



She told my grandma she wanna bring us back to our old house, and then go buy groceries and go pasar malam. Ah Ma asked her, "Uh nya boh nya?" (True or not one?) My eldest sister is famous for her cakap tak serupa bikin. She always promise this and that and then never do it. I've kena many times before. HAHAHAHAH She is like the boy who cried wolf. XD

Sis say behind Ah Ma's back, "Boh seong sin mien ki." (Don't believe no need go.) HAHA. Behind her back la. Always like that kacau her one.


Jen said...

old ppiccc
old jen
ugly betui lar me T.T

Mrs Chong said...

now pretty d mar...hoi...u say u ugly..last time also very hot lor...chieh...

w@nm3i™ said...

suddenly u bought my form 6 memory bek.. felt gg bek to class wit b3ntenG™..

Anonymous said...

Wow, you had a nice high school memories.. hehe.. Mine was boring though.. Only study, eat, sleep and then I never attend the Malam perpisahan thingy in high school.. hehe..

Mrs Chong said...

wanmei: ME TOOO...I miss everyone.

Maureen: Yea...I admit I do. XD I love high school so much that it's hard to adapt myself in uni. =(

Swee Win said...

cheh! now can comment d. tht day dno y bnyk error. ok anyways. how can u not see me in that picture !? the bentengs with superhero pose. im paling front OK !? & standing beside yi with the *before-superman-gona-fly* mya post laaa.. korek ur mata ah. sumor say AH WIN NOT HERE .wtf!? blekkkkk

Mrs Chong said...

sweewin: awat marah marah???I say I know why we stopped doing funny poses and have fun taking thousands of picture's cuz u r not here to be with us so we stopped doing it la sayang. dun marah k?

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