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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am praying hard

that none of the people from my church ever come across my blog. I don't care about hits. T.T

You know la, they are all very holy kind of people while I haven't even finished a chapter in my bible. I bet the kids know better than I. And well, I think I did blog about them before so lagilah cannot let them read. And then I don't know if I used any harsh language.

Boohoo... I is scared. But now, I is sleepy. VBS has officially ended and OMG I love that little boy. So cute. He cannot wake up early for few days already. That's why he always come with sleepy face.

And his mother got me a present, a t-shirt to be exact. M size. Thank you for thinking that I can fit M size, I will try harder. During VBS, they give me L size shirt (I am a XL size for as long as I can remember) and now the kid's mum gives me M size. It was really sweet of him and his mother to thought of me though. And I'm very happy cause he wrote the message. One cute boy indeed.

Will blog about it more when I am fully awake tomorrow. Besides, I got no pictures with me. So... =)

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