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Friday, November 21, 2008

My dinner tonight

T.T It's actually my supper. I know. iSad. Diet plans begin . . . tomorrow. XD

Finally I got a reason to blog. My supper dinner is spaghetti. I cook because I craved for it. Wanted to have it as dinner yesterday but my spaghetti rotten already. So when we went grocery last night, I grabbed some pasta and Prego sauce.
I will teach you cook spaghetti my way. It's freaking easy, everyone can cook spaghetti. It's canned sauce for goodness sake.

First, prepare carrot, sliced, and tomatoes cut into cubes. I love tomatoes so I usually put a lot. I put less cause that's all I have in the fridge. Oh and I cut the carrot into slices because I hate the raw smell of the carrot.

Cut sausages into cubes.

Prego sauce!! I love this flavour because got basil. Yum yum.
This is a MUST in our family cause sisters love it slightly spicy.
Tomato is to balance the chili. I don't know why. I always do it this way. I am not a cook. T.T As long as my family loves it, I think I am doing okay.

I am lazy to use kuali. So had to hold it so that it won't stick on the sides.
Magic!!! Sudah lembik. XD

Boiling boiling.

Put the sauce into the pan (the spaghetti taken out and set aside) and add in a can of water- use the sauce can to measure the water. Let it simmer, add in carrot. Add in tomato and let it simmer a while more. Before serving, add in sausages.

There you go. Ping Ping's spaghetti. I can never be a good wife cause I only know how to make spaghetti and bee hoon soup.
Supposed conversation with future husband.
Husband : What's for dinner darling?
Me: Bee Hoon Soup lor
Husband: Yummy. What bout tomorrow?
Me: Spaghetti lor.
Husband: Yay, the day after that?
Me: Well, you can choose between Bee Hoon Soup or Spaghetti. =))
T______T No worries, no boyfriend. XD

And these are my pictures with spaghetti.
Camwhore with spaghetti.

My sister and mum are happy. I think I did an okay job this time.
I purposely say spaghetti very easy to cook although it's a universal fact because then I can ask people who wants me to cook for them to cook themselves. =)
ps: I changed all the spelling for spaghetti. I can never spell it right. T.T


3w3yaN said...

Wowowowowowow...nice lo...i oso tot of cooking on my own time u hav to belanja me eat..ahaha..i see ur spaggeti d oso hungry d...aahaha..u r a good cook..ahaha..

Mrs Chong said...

eweyan: yay...u say i am a good cook. yay... my sis's bf also like my version of spagetthi. Yay. XD I just hope for a bf who really really really really really loves spagetthi..boohoo...

Anonymous said...

wow, you lihai oh.. know how to cook spagetthi and bee hoon soup.. My future husband (if nia oh...) has to eat bull's eye egg and eat maggi everyday.. hehe..

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: it's so easy, u can do it la..just that u never try...=)

LiZaRdboi_88 said...

Yum, Spaghetti~~~~ (btw, ur spagetthi is a typo lolx)

Mrs Chong said...

HAHAHA...ok ok...i never know how to spell it anyway... =) thanks

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