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Saturday, November 08, 2008

A day at PBA with Shan

Long postponed post cause I was busy studying. HAHA.. Laugh all you want, I finished that two killer papers.

Last last Wednesday, after days of procrastinating, I've decided to go PBA and join Shan to study. Seriously, I spent 5 days rotting at home. I knew I had to do something and I decided to go PBA. =)
This is Ah Shan. XD Like always, very rajin studying.

These are my mess. Just like always, very messy. -.-"

This is our donut. Not like always cause we don't have Big Apple back then. =P Speaking of which, you know what our Ah Shan did? She very pentingkan 50cents. Probably cause she no money liao. Cause hor, she paid the parking ticket RM1.50, she gan cheong take the balance until she forgot the ticket. Luckily the two guys behind us came to our car and passed us the ticket. I was so blur blur I ask her "Oi, lu eh ar?" (Oi, Yours ar?) Leaving the guy standing there for the next two minutes while we recover from our shock. Siao.

This is me. Looking lazy as always. I know why. Cause of that three dogs yang always sleep at PBA. Benci. When I have to study, they sleep. I miss you all even more after that very Wednesday. =( I see many couple come study. Young couple. Bnci.

This is me again. Don't miss me. Bye bye.


3w3yaN said...

wow...PBA...i very long time nvr go there d..ahaha..since PMR..ahaha..2003 - years..i oso like to study at there...coz ar..when hungry dat time..juz walk across the road and the food is rite there waiting for u..ahaha..

sHaN sHaN said...

curi ambik gambar i... ask u study u ambil gambar... haha...

i love going there to study and thanks to my mama for bringing me there...

Mrs Chong said...

eweyan: hehehe..go recollect memories..hehehe

shanshan: ala...jangan la marah-marah...anyway, wanna write a speech of thanks? XD

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