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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I have lost my macho-ness

No doubt about that.

A friend came over to my room and while chit chatting with me, she spotted a lizard on my wall.

Then the lizard went to my curtains and well, I excused myself and moved far from the wall. Then she give the curtains a shake and the lizard was seen storming down from the wall to my bedside.

What did I do? I screamed. Yup. I SCREAMED. And my neighbour, a lovely Malay, opened her door and said this, "Ping Ping, nampak cicak ker?"

So, she recognises my voice and know I am totally hopeless when I see lizard. *yes, despite my size, I still don't know why.*

There goes my macho-ness. I can jolly well wave goodbye to it and close my door.

Of all things, why lizard? Why some pest that you can never ever ever get rid of? Haih....


Doralin Lee said...

Hmm....... that reminds me of my own experienced last two month. It was early in the morning. I woke up went to the sink to brush my teeth.... and I saw two lizards and mnd you TWO BIG lizards was having a romantic moment in the sink!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what? I ran away from the sink to find my camera hahahahaha!!!!!

Mrs Chong said...

OMG...hahhaha...u r my hero...XD why u so cool?XD I'll probably run and never go back to that sink until I forget about it.

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