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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I iz not motivated

I am so sick of phonetics right now. Why did I take English as minor anyway?? I suck at it. T.T

I don't know la, no mood to study the phonetics at all. It's like I can't get them into my head but I really should cause there's 30 marks of phonetics tomorrow.

And that Chao Ah Beng complain that I did not update. I am busy WOKAY?

/e/ eh open-mid front vowel?
/^/ ah -open - mid central vowel
/a:/ open back vowel.

I iz suck. I see notes. =(

I can only remember a few
/p/ bilabial plosive
/t/ dental alveolar plosive OMG I just realized I got it wrong. =(
/f/ labio-dental fricative
/h/ glottal fricative

=( I iz scared tomorrow exam.


Unknown said...

Your in USM Edu fac? [The "English as minor" gave that hint actually]

Just a guess. Well, if you are... kudos to us, the teachers in training!!

[Was at my old school the other day when my teachers exclaimed, "You're better off in TESL / TESOL."

Okay. I applied! Didn't get it though. So missing the language now... I mean the technicals]

Mrs Chong said...

actually I am in USM Humanities majoring in Translation and Interpretation. I took up English as minor to further help me in my own course.

I dare not apply for TESOL/TESL cause we have to attend interview. T.T I am chicken like that.

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