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Monday, November 10, 2008

Songs long forgotten

I almost forgot how Backstreetboys and Westlife used to cheer me up or cry with me. It sure feels good to listen to them again. I filled my playlist with songs from BSB, Westlife, M2M, Britney Spears, O-Town, SClub7, Mariah Carey dan lain-lain because I really really really missed them. It brings me back to my teenage years *which is not very far back* and I’m glad it did.

I have been listening to songs from as old as BSB’s first album and it just feels magical. How every songs makes me want to smile or cry or both at the same time. It brings back memories and I’m loving it. I name my playlist emo me cause they are all love songs and I felt emo.

I am back in USM. Have to start packing cause I’ll be leaving on Wednesday. Have to carry everything back. Phew…. Sure gonna take few trips up and down the stairs before I can finally get everything into the car. I’m glad to survived for one semester. Seriously, this whole semester has unbelievably changed me. Until I can drive, I am half a grown-up. Although I may not exactly like/enjoy the life here, I am glad I am here. Weird I know but I really am.

So what about you girls? Are you guys enjoying or suffering? Come on, comment. XD Desperate as I can be.

I think my tummy is bloated cause PMS la. Bah, but it suck. I hate that feeling.


Anonymous said...

i guess i have a little bit of both - enjoyment and suffering.. Let me go for suffering first.. hehe.. the first day i came to usm, i was all alone, without family member to accompany me, and one luggage lost at the airport. So, i had to wear sportshoes to shower - (total embarassment) cause my slipper was in the lost luggage. but after the sufferings i endured on the orientation week, my life here improved cause i get to meet kind people here and my sis had arrived in Penang.
My enjoyment here would be of course during off-lesson hours.. hehe.. my trip with my sister, my trip with Lee Ying, the day I received my salary and whoa.. so many blessings..
It's a really good experience. I would not change this story because they made me become more matured, braver, and urm, more thrifty..hehe..

Mrs Chong said...

hmmm...ur first week a bit drama hor??? I'm glad u enjoyed penang. =) I'll try to enjoy USM more. You know la, mine no trip. XD

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