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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I wanted to saimeng

about Haagen Dazs. Mana tau this morning I woke up and vomitted for 3 hours. I mean I was trying to vomit for 3 whole hours. Finally vomitted and was so drained, my hands were shaking.

I don't know what caused it. Probably my old sickness. I've always have bad tummy. I cannot take windy food and maybe ice-cream was too much for my big tummy. Bukannya kecik pun.

Anyway, I am better now. Hopefully I'll be fine. I have paper to conquer tomorrow. Till then, I go drink Milo.


Diana said...

get well soon =) i sayang ewww!

Mrs Chong said...

thank u!!!!!!! I sayang ewwww too... Eh, our hotel stay buat kat KL saja la. XD Hehehehe. No more money

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