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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have no mood to blog

Firstly it's because I don't really like the pictures we took the other day.

And secondly it's probably cause I am tired with all the running with kids and telling them not to do this or that.

The kids are so cuteeeeeee. If my kids are as cute, I don't mind having some. Really.

They are so intelligent for their age and I am actually amazed. And they are all way too under-sized for their age.

I was speechless cause everytime I want to tell them a lie or work out some imaginative characters, they just have very adult-ways to point it out to me. I mean where got a 6 year-old kid telling you, "No, he is not lightman. He is just someone dressing like lightman." He is LIGHTMAN. JUST ACT LIKE YOU BELIEVE LA. T.T You are 6 okay?

Buat malu I saja. Ok, if I can get any pictures, I'll post them up.


Diana said...

lol so fun!

kEnNy said...

hahaha fun le VBS..i kena twice b4..
the kids are arghh!!!jump on me like i'm a playground, can stress wif them although they are cute la hahaha..neway all the best in vbs!!

Mrs Chong said...

diana: love the one I specially like. XD

Kenny: aiya, join la next time, then we get to play with kids together. Heh...You don't like to be playground? XD

kEnNy said...

of cuz dun like la they can simply pull my hair and hit me anywhere 1 k and i mean ANYWHERE haha..i scared i join next time i cannot tahan and cekik them lol

Mrs Chong said...

kenny: awww...i make sure they wont bully me melampauly lor..hehehe..i am not a very friendly ger.XD

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