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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1st time

I stood up and walked out of the classroom!!!!

What?? I was not being rebellious or whatever you are thinking of calling me okay? Class cancelled la. Not exactly a good news since by the time I realized there is no class, walked out and walked back, it was almost 11.50a.m. My class would have ended lor. Ok la, maybe 10 minutes earlier, but still, I would have avoided replacement class!!!

Anyway, year 2 students so cool. Next year I'll be that cool too.... if the teacher really doesn't come in la. If she comes in after I walked out, I lose attendance lor. I think I don't want to be cool already. XD

Year 2 students just stood up exactly 15 minutes after the scheduled class and walked out. I sat there for another 5 minutes before leaving the class and walking back to my room. Presentation again tomorrow, on simple ,compound and complex sentences. Wish me luck! By the time it is for my oral presentation for another English class at week 6, I would have gotten over the fear of speaking to what? 18 students? Sigh, I am pathetic.

August is a month of fear, no?

And Yi Lin, Chi Way and his gf is coming to USM!!!! Ok la, most excited about Yi Lin. Yi Lin and Mr Lim itu will be taking Management while Mr Lim's gf taking what I am not sure. Yi Lin is coming, people, be jealous. Neh, Swee Win and Shan Shan tu~~~ XD I am finally not ALONE! I miss Shan, Win, Cheng Ling, Jas Lyn, ANNIE, 1Mei, Diana, Su Ling, Ju-Yen and everyone else. T.T Lol, all not in Penang except Diana.

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