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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Temptation is sin

It really is.

For my case, Bakti Permai's canteen is sin.

ps: Makan maggie mee for dinner again today. Banana, spent RM4.50 for lunch.

My friend say Chinese Club meeting that we are going later provide dinner or something like that. Nyek nyek nyek~~


CRIZ LAI said...

Hmmm... another shouter here.. haha. By the way, temptation is not a sin, it's when the tummy need some energy food.. LOL

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Mrs Chong said...

lol..criz...i can spend less than rm2 for lunch but whenever i go to this particular stall, I ended up paying for drinks that I usually won't order cause their's are good. T.T

ok. Free food is good for my budget plan. XD

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