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Friday, July 25, 2008

I always sesat in USM

And do you know what is even worst than sesat??


Hopefully I won't get lost again tonight. Or else, T.T I don't get to go home la.

ps: I ate biscuit and mee cup for lunch and breakfast. Er, I took my breakfast at 11 which is the mee cup and I am another two hours away from dinner only!!! *chants* spend less than RM3 today. I eat biscuit to tahan lapar. =P BUKAN DIET.

SHIT!!! I was reading food blog and I am drooling over CHICKEN, FISH, ANY MEAT. So swt right? Why am I torturing myself? OH I KNOW, CAUSE I AM KIAM SIAP!!!! And...time to lose some weight.


babychyu said...

aiyerr.. why geh sesat lar ~
ish ish ...
draw a map ...

Jen said...

eat biscuit can fat 1 leh T.T im banning biscuit at kl!!!

Mrs Chong said...

adeline: la...i alwiz go to the wrong class at the wrong time. XD

jen: er...shud be better than eat rice la...i eat rice with one type of vege for lunch, to jimat money..hahahhaa

Anonymous said...

Cup noodles will cause overweight because of the salt make those water stay in your body and cannot come out. That year when i stop cup noodle and instant noodle,i lost 5kg in 1 year.

Anyway Kambade on your weight loss plan ya.

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