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Friday, July 18, 2008

Learning to survive

I, Miss Ch'ng Ping Ping, is learning how to survive among people with TOTALLY different attitude and keep myself cool. You know me la, very fast angry one, I shall meditate more. Uhm....uhm.....uhm....

Meditation cannot work lor. T.T But I'll be okay la. I shall learn how to be patient. Nothing is impossible. BUT I FREAKING MISS EMMOES AND BENTENGZ LOR!!!!!

Why no one come and tell me they miss me pun? Aiseh, kesian saya. Nowadays my updates are that mundane and boring lor, cause I do not have pictures here lor. I go home and take some pictures. HOI!! Here to study or to update blogs? Aiseh, really tak boleh lor. Tsk tsk tsk. I am a good student right?? Right???

Oh oh, thank you for reading my blog. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


Anonymous said...

chehwah ! *my new fav word* LOL
so many updates.. im so STRESSED wih assignments

Mrs Chong said...

u got assignments?? mine shud come very soon kua... =P

urs is chehwah, mine is ngam one..