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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Operasi Budget Bawah RM5

Lol, OBBR??? No la, sounds salah. Nevermind. Anyway, I MADE IT!!!

I spent RM4.20 yesterday for the entire day. I bought a bread at RM1.40 but that tak kira cause it's for today. So no fruits today. =D I am still very happy.

Lunch = RM1.20
Dinner + Fruits (so health concious la me) = RM3.00

Today I eat the fruits provided at the dinner place la. =)


Joze Foo said...

so your aim is to save money or diet? But this method is good for dieting oso la... I really need to enrol in your operasi la... but i alwis say tomolo and tomolo and the tomolo still not yet come....

Mrs Chong said...

save money..hahaha...tarak diet la... T.T but must diet...hahahaha...

I am saving now... =) That's why say budget below RM5 lor

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