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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mixed feelings

I don't know should I be happy or sad. I carried out my Operasi Mengikat Perut during my lunch just now by not going to the chinese stall for lunch. You must pay AT LEAST RM2.20 if you are to eat there and no, RM2.20 is too much. Plus the juices and other drinks over there are very tempting. Temptation is bad.

Anyway, I went to the malay stall at my hostel for lunch hoping to pay less than or about RM1.50 for lunch. I took ONE type of vege and one bendi with some fish CURRY. Curry only. It cost me RM1.20 (that girl who took one whole fried fish paid RM1.70, but over budget la.)

Anyway, it turned out that the vege was extremely bitter. You know the vege we use to cook "chai boay"? That one. It was so bitter I couldn't finish it. In the end I only had bendi and the rice as lunch. Sakit hati la, paid RM1.20 for those. But I managed to melancarkan my OMP wor.

Don't know should be happy or sad. But hopefully I can maintain that for a few days. Ping Ping can do it!!!!

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