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Thursday, July 10, 2008


and I am home. I decided to come back since I got no class on Fridays and I am having a terrible cough. Going to see doctor tomorrow cause I'm sick of walking to the clinic in USM to be asked to wait for almost 2 hours though there were only like 15 patients ahead of me and to walk there just to see the TUTUP sign.

Anyway, I took English as Minor and I felt smart. VERY SMART! Cause that means I'll have speaking/oral presentation every single class and that makes EVERY SINGLE DAY FROM MONDAY TO THURSDAY!!

T.T I am scared.

My course needs frequent reading and practicing on my language. Decided to take English as minor cause I think it'll help me in becoming a journalist like I want to and also to improve my English Language.

My coursemates are mostly taking Japanese but this kaypochee over here decided to take something else. But I get to go back on Thursday night cause I don't have classes on Fridays. XD Jealous leh?

ps: Thank you to those who still reads. =)


tessa said...

I like your blog.
It is so personal.
Visit mine:


Dragon said...

u r welcome! hahaha, i will come once in a while.... sorry lo... didnt come as often..... i will try my best la...

happy studies!

Swee Win said...

chieh!! sumor wana merungut. cla..thursday oso can go back d..
eh u think shud take french or jap better huh ? but senior says french vry hard..i scared cnt pass.. haha.. btw my bday dnt 4get to kirim present 4 me ok.. wahahah

Mrs Chong said...

chuckles: thank u. Will visit yours

dragon: hehe, ok ok. XD

win: er...up to u la. I also not sure. I might take a language as elective cause I wantt to apply for exchange student. XD

Anonymous said...

Hi! Are you still coughing? A doctor once told me not to take chicken if coughing. Try it..might work for you.

Mrs Chong said...

susan: XD I eat a lot of chicken because that's all I get to eat in Uni if not vegetables.