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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


*tears of joy*

Finally I am connected to the outside world. And I saw my picture in Nuffnang page, lol, Malay Mail.

Ah Win, Yi Lin, Jen, Sam, WE ARE FEMES. =P

Ok, now I shall mandi and tidur. Tonight I am meeting up the CCB. =)

Semua tak jadi. Tak jadi tidur, eh, jadi mandi. And tak jadi meeting up with the CCB. Transportation Minister of the night got meeting. What can I do without her?


Anonymous said...

omg...wa masuk paper kar?!!
wat paper is tat? when is dat??
im so outdate at kl..lolll...

Mrs Chong said...

malay mail...i oso just found out

Swee Win said...

eheh..we masuk paper ??
omg !! haha.. y u tarak put link? so i can go c.. omg omg !! *running around histerically* mwahahahahhahahahahahahaha

Mrs Chong said...

lol...i took from nuffnang website to link??? XD i got that pic though..WIN!!! We online same time. Why you no open msn??? I MISS U!!!!!!!!

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