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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My SO story.

This post is scheduled to post up today. I do not have internet connection, sadly.

Ok, before this, I am going to bore everyone with how I got into SO. It's some random hopping around blogs like bunny that got me into adding SO. Adding SO and chatting in it is totally two different thing okay? I had it for like more than half a year before I tried chatting.

I got in, got stuck halfway and stopped going back. What? Normal what, you go one place, you cannot fit in, you run away. That's what I did. One month ago, I decided to just walk in and randomly chat with anyone. It was then Lasker came and welcome me.

I got warmed up pretty quickly with the other shouters over there that I no longer find problem jumping into any chats. I can randomly do the :whee: pose if I got nothing to say without feeling bored.

If I have to say who got me more into chatting, it has to be Lasker. It was those I-don't-know-what-to-do-working-is-not-fun times that I found SO and well, I found something to do online. know what's fun??? Teasing Lasker. I have to say that is the funnest thing to do although I always kena tease back.

Bwahahhhaa, Lasker and his half-naked-i-was-swimming-and-trying-to-attract-mui-mui-zai-to-come-in-and-chat. Lol, that's long.

I talked to Elise once only when I was trying out the SO thingie and yes, she is really nice leh. Better than Lasker at least. Lasker always trying to make me don't get to eat seafood. Bad bad. I hope to talk to Elise more. La la~~ And SO comes into my life when the worst thing that could happen online happened, MSN DOWN. I tell you, make people super emo one. Luckily I got SO to chat and then I got to know more people and that marks another phase of my blogging life.

Still, thank you Lasker and Elise. I suck at photoshop, comics, drawing and stuff like that. I can only write. So, I write you a poem? XD This is gonna be fun.

It was by chance, I stumbled here,
And malang tak berbau, I met Lasker, XD
He thinks he can attract young girls to enter,
I don't want to lie so I am telling you, LASKER, YOU CANNOT LER.

Mummy say we must always say thank you,
So I ma write this post for Lasker and Elise, ten kiu lor.

My poem is horrible. =P


Lasker said...

Whahahaha ... Ping Ping.
Never gave up a chance to shoooooot me balik ah ? :D

Now that I have removed my Get-More-Ladies-To-ShoutOut photo .. and if my lesser and lesser Shouters join ShoutOut .. I know who to look for ya? :P (but on the bright side, it proved that photo it worked) :P

Seriously, hey .. thank you for posting this up with the rest of the gang. I was going through the blogs and suddenly it hit me .. all post spring up and I was shocked and touched.

Thank you once again :)

Elise said...

Ping Ping, thanks for the nice post to ShoutOut.

Sorry that I'm not appear often in ShoutOut, but now we can use SOMail to chat more. ;)

SaeWei said...

OMG Ping Ping you are so damn the funny cannn.. hahahaha

David Cheong said...

lol I wanna chat also no time =(

damn sad haha

Simon Seow said...

You don't know can scheduled future posting?

Mrs Chong said...

lasker: mummy say we must never miss any chance. it wont work la. don't worry, the number of shouters will increase every day. =)

elise: yea yea. i just got home, later i go there and kacau.

saewei: i am??? yay yay

david: I oso. T.T

simon: I know ar, that's why this is schedule one lor. I cannot be posting like one week worth of post in a day right? I write randomly anytime I want without like planning what to write one leh. Plus, no time ar, I am a poor and busy student now. T.T

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