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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Raining days make me gloomy

It just makes me emo-momo. I will have to carry my umbrella and THEY ALWAYS seems like they are flying away because of the strong wind. And I have to jaga my laptop. Why my umbrella so weak like that? Must buy some pou pan (herbs and stuff) let it pou pou har (canto- to help to enhance body's function usually with herbs).

Swt, there's no Cantonese to English translations right? If there is, I will be out of job even before I begin. XD

The truth is, I cannot go for Light House Watching. Cannot check if the fishes (whale, sharks, dolphins, Nemo, Ikan Bilis etc) are in "danger" or not cause my vision will be covered. Aiseh, don't understand nevermind.

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