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Sunday, July 06, 2008

I dislike Sundays

Cause it will be the day I have to go back to USM. T.T I know, some people are dying to be in my position where I can go back every single weekend and then return to university on Sundays but to be able to sleep past 8 hours and not have the feeling "WHAT TIME LIAO?" is a freaking good, I don't want to return to school. But of course I misses the friends there too. So okay la.

I'll be starting my classes on Monday and man...I have even more things to bring this time around compared to when I first went. Realized this tak cukup, that forget. I AM LEAVING FOR USM D!!! Will bring my bag and stuff and then go jalan-jalan. Cukup masa they send me back. T.T Maciam masuk kindy. So kesian one.

Ok la, bye bye. See you next week. Hopefully I'll get my laptop by then. Oh and I do not have classes on Friday. Yipee.. =)


Swee Win said...

eh u get o buy laptop kah akhirnya
lol.. i nak beli but must wait pc fair.. eeyer wan use internet must pay wan u knw .. but use in com lab nonit la.. haha.. i just found out tht my hostel got sell nice food !! whee ! eh,,u b grtaeful la ok.. u sumor can go back..get to go usm good d ma.. haha

aL said...

uni life is fun fun fun!!!

Mrs Chong said...

win: Ya la. I am home now. XD I love my uni, my course, my neighbour. Ok, not so much bout my course. XD

al: I'll try to enjoy. XD