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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I ask myself

Why? Why do it? Why even think?

*hate it when this happens*

I need sleep....... or something.

Time flies real fast!!! It's THURSDAY!!!! TGIT =)

Tomorrow no class, going to walk around in USM. =) Go sit the bus and ronda the school. XD

ps: It was supposed to be an emo post. Until I remembered it's Thursday. =P Oh oh oh...and when I think of how scarce the population of guys here and how rare I see a super cute one, I thought of Yee Theeng, my neighbour.

Quote this from her. She spoke in Mandarin, I translate.
We must be persistent to fish a deep sea fish. Those we see earlier and caught, they are all fishes from shallow water.

T.T Something like that.

Note to readers and to self: Fishes from shallow water ARE NOT shallow people wokay? Later all come and shoot me bertubi-tubi. Just that they are easier to be fished!! *runs to wear her bullet proof vest*


reddaisie said...

hey gambate fish!! fish a cool fish ok..i dun want a nerdy oily bro in law

Mrs Chong said...

ur sis want to choose people, also must see people want let me choose or not ma...maybe tarak fish leh???

Swee Win said...

lol..must rajin tangkap ikan onot left the ones yang dihanyut ombak ke pinggir laut

Mrs Chong said...

suey lor... I am sure the fishes in the sea not so little kua...if finish liao ma go another sea and catch lor.. T.T

I susah want catch la. I am quite lousy at it. XD