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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thou shall never reject a tag from a good friend

Ok la, I lied, I am just bored and I thought, aiseh, she so good tag me, I should do it. Some people will rudely say they no time do tags one la (no, those who stated in their blog before is not rude). Like they have a million dollar job like that. I stopped tagging people after that.

7 facts about me:-

* talkative
* generous with my smile. Seriously, I was told.

* youngest in the family (for now, until I got nieces or nephews)
* am both stingy and generous, depends on situation and pocket's condition. XD
* am pretty smart and completely an idiot, depending on situation also.
* loves blogging because of the er...extra that comes with it
* am thankful for the life I have now.

7 things that scare me:-

* sickness (flu, stomach ache, ah..hate the discomfort)
* ants, insects, ah...all of them
* to love, i am totally fine of being loved. XD

* being shocked, including those dogs barking, balloon bursting, cockroach flying and lizards falling unto you cause he/she loses control *roll eyes*
* uncertainties
* getting dark

7 songs playing in my mind:-

* I Want To Grow Old With You
* JJ's 1000 years later
* Wo Men Hui Zai Jian
* Hold Hands (translate lar) by Kenji
* Write Poem for you by Kenji
* Why Do I Love You?
* I am lazy (this is not a song)

7 valuable THINGS in my life:

* my laptop (courtesy of the sister and the mother)
* my watch (courtesy of the sisters)
* my handphone (full of love kay? Whole family chipped in to buy for me)
* my new Nivea Whitening Milk Repair which is supposed to repair my dark skin tone.
* my new OHP pen. Cost me RM4 kay? T.T
* my jacket. without it, matilah i kesejukan dalam bilik kuliah
* i shall be real nerd by saying, my two uber expensive dictionary. My rice bowl k?

7 'first times' in my life:-

* leaving my comfort zone, where my family and everything i know are. Ok la, I am still in Penang la. XD
* wear contact lense
* settle my own stuff (uni changed me, I AM AN ADULT NOW. lol so drama)
* er...writing a poem
* wash my own clothes *shy only*
* walk to class and walk back 'home' (WHAT? My room is my home now)
* study with guys. aiseh, although 4 only. I was from all girls' school okay?

7 words/things I always say/use:-

* lol
* hehe
* tsk tsk
* huh?
* ok la
* er....
* good morning. lol, i lied for this.

7 friends that I wanna tag:-
- I am leaving this out to avoid crude replies

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