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Friday, December 28, 2007

Its fun-ner when you get to steal lines. =P

Am in new house. Stealing people's line is so much fun!!!! =)

They are fixing the air-conditioned. So bored. Flu is making me feeling so sick. New house today. Goodbye Wayton. =) Haih, the entau ba. Can't even see him before I leave. I think he really kena caught kut.


sHaN sHaN said...

Haha...pencuri pencuri!!!
dont worry la u will meet the next entau ba there then remember to let me noe ya...lolx...

Mrs Chong said...

=P I macam tak nampak entau ba here see a human also pretty hard already. =P Here people very introvert like shan shan...hehehe...stealing lines makes me happy wor.... =S

Dragon said...

hahaha, maybe he purposely tao bi dont want to let u see him. wakakakaka.

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