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Sunday, December 09, 2007

I am in NZ!!! *part 1*

Unbelievable as it is, I am already here for 3 days and 2 nights. Sis's graduation was yesterday. Will blog on that later. All the pictures in NZ will be in next post which I hope I can put up really soon. I almost blogged on Friday night itself. But my jet lag was unbearable, I had to sleep. Then again last night, I had another of my jet lag experience. Was so dizzy, I slept at 9. I will talk about New Zealand in the next post so that you are not too crowded with too many things at one go. Will be going to Pao's church friends' place later. =)

Che and I at Penang Airport.

Anyway, being the very useless me, I don't really enjoy the aeroplane ride. Some might enjoy it tremendously though. I heard from friends that it was very enjoyable. The trip to Singapore was scary because it was my first while the trip to Christchurch was less scary but cost me a lot of pain (read: on my butt. 10 hours okay??). In fact the trip to Christchurch was only scary when it landed cause the plane we took had to make a turn and you can actually see the wings having one side higher than another. It was a little scary you know? Feel so insecure. The food was alright but I had so many of my FIRST in the plane. I will continue bout that in a list before I end my post.

So, upon reaching Singapore, I was taken aback with the beautiful airport. There's so much to see there and a lot of time to spend there. Seriously, I have been walking around the airports in Penang, Singapore and Christchurch. There's so many things put up and done in Singapore and Christchurch that I immediately can imagine how it would be when it is done in Malaysia itself.

Can you imagine this is put in Singapore Airport unattended and totally free??!!! And NO ONE IS CROWDING OVER IT!!! I don't think that will happen in Penang....Or even in Malaysia.

One thing though. Singapore people got that lazy meh? Like that also need escalator.

Oooo.. That's for people when they are running late for their flight lar. Their airport damn huge ok? I got lost over there. =S They even provide a small car with a driver if you are really late and need to get to your gate.

Christmas feeling in Singapore.

The first thing I went was of course the bath room. The toilet was clean and dry. So different from Penang. Then I saw a drinking fountain or so. Where you get to drink and it is automatic. There's censor and when you walk close, the water will automatically come out from it. If its in Penang, it'll probably be very dirty cause they don't maintain it and kids there will probably be wasting a lot of water just by standing in front of the censor. Parents might play along too.

And the airport is so very the huge, I got lost there. There's lots of shops over there and you will not be bored even though you have to wait for 7 hours before your next flight. The wait in Singapore was nothing compared to the one we had in Christchurch. There's nothing much in Christchurch's airport. We even got a free tour around Singapore which took us to two hours of fun.

More Christmas decorations!!! It so nice. Singapore airport so very the syok.

I thought I saw my second sister. On the second look. Not lar. (Inside joke)

They have their very own garden in Changi Airport itself!! So nice can? In fact they have a few gardens.

The activities in Changi Airport. Free internet is one of them.

We even tried this!! So much fun can? The kids are enjoying too. =)

Can I like continue this in another post. Sis is having the pendrive and I so cannot tahan looking at this page without publishing it. Like it will go disappear or something like that. Anyway, as I said I want to post up my FIRST before I end this, read below.

1. Waving from inside the airport and not outside!
2. Sitting on a plane (like duh!)
3. Eating on the plane ( Like a bunch of very eau lo [read: greedy] people because we had to eat even when the plane was shaking macam got gempa bumi like that.)
4. Eating 11000 km or more above the sea level
5. Peeing 11000 km or more above the sea level
6. Sitting at one place for 10 hours without getting to relax the butt (read: eh, sitting is like an action ok? If you are sitting for 10 hours, that is not resting your butt already!! That's a tiring action.)
7. Sitting in the airport like lost souls for 7 hours then 5.
8. Experiencing the FIRST wind I had in NZ. (though its summer, it was and still is blardy cold)
9. Stepping onto Singapore!!
10. Being in a land where there's more guai lous than Asians.
11. So much more. I can't really post up all. So read my blog for the NZ updates. There's so much more to talk about.

ps: If you are eager to read bout my sis's graduation, hop on to her blog. She posted already. =) I'll be writing my side of story though. So hop here and there to read more. =P


sHaN sHaN said...

time flies remember...lolx...
must be havin a great time there ha...kesian me here alone...haihz..
happy holidays!!! Miss ya....

Dragon said...

u thought like u meh... hop hop here, and hop hop there.

Mrs Chong said...

hey....shan...I miss u too...So dry over here...But today I went to a lot of shopping. Right now at the hotel lobby. paid NZ$ 2 for half and hour connection...RM5 k???Blardy expensive. But I wanna choice. I was bored with sore legs anyway...'s singapore???still there