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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Misson tak jadi

Wanted to blog about NZ mana tau, my blogger very slow and I can't upload pictures. So, tak jadi lar. Anyway, went Gurney for Xmas and it was horrible. The smell I meant. The eye candies there are still eye candies. But I almost choked to death. If I appear in Gurney on New Year Eve, I can only say, the eye candies made me risk my life. =P I am glad I was not poisoned!! I grew out of Gurney. Too old already.

=) New house on Friday. Excitednyer....


Dragon said...

talk about gurney, really my goodness.... i'm also too old for this kind of event. they all like siao lang and uneducate ppl. i dont think im going to gurney on new year eve. maybe qb. see how. oh one thing, see can meet u again or not. hahaha.

Mrs Chong said...

hehehe...Don't think i'll go QB. Too far from our new house. =)

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