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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Photo updates

I am just here to update the picture of my new shoe. I did not take picture of my mum's yet. Might take it if I remember. I wanted to take it but was busy packing bag. And no, I am not showing what I am bringing to NZ. =P No peeking into my luggage bag. Anyway, I bought a shoe the other day and I really really like it. This is my first Nike sport shoe. I am usually the cha-pa-lang brand type of people. I am glad I finally got my very first Nike sport shoe after a very long wait. =)

Oh before that, meet Lolly, the Lobster. I've got Lumbar, the Dolphin too. =)

My shoe. Ignore the dirty floor. I just snap pictures without sweeping the floor first.

My very cool shoe. I love my shoe. =)

Nike one. Like Swee Win's dimple. NZ, here I come.

Anyway, was packing already. Lol, too early? We are leaving next Thursday. But I might not have time to pack later cause I really really need to buck up on my Accounts. And then exam lor. Then must go to NZ already ma. =) First time sit plane, a bit gan cheong tim. =P


Dragon said...

white shoes? need to take good care lo, easily to get dirty.

reddaisie said...

hey...nice shoes..can't wait for u to be here!!!

Mrs Chong said...

nvm la..janji I suka..I am so in love with my shoe. Besides, most sport shoe also white one mar. White one nicer.

Pao: Yea...I love it. Two more days to go...

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